Google is improving business profiles with a new layout that has space demarcated for latest offers. To enable people to find special offers, Google offers the most prominent ones on Google My Business profiles of companies. The presence of a dedicated space enables entrepreneurs to display their latest offers, enabling potential customers to take a quick decision.

Thanks To Google, Businesses Can Develop A Carousel of Latest Offers!

For companies, adding an offer is considerably easier. While creating a post on Google My Business App, you will come across an option for classifying it as an offer. There you can customize the details according to your own needs. Such an offer might include a description of your product or service or a coupon code, start and end dates, pictures, etc. which can be useful to your prospective customers. Companies can display a maximum of 10 offers on the carousel. The posts, which are created on Google My Business can be viewed on mobiles as well as desktops.


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