Jeremy Schoemaker of ShoeMoney has sued a Google employee, who owns a website that uses the patented keyword “ShoeMoney” of the company. The keyword is used by the employee on his AdWords ad campaign for directing the traffic on a site –

The issue came to notice of Shoemoney four months ago when an ad for ShoeMoney was directing to After trying a lot, Schoemaker was unable to derive the contact information of the site owner as it was set in “private”. He headed to court for a subpoena addressed to the webhost of the claimed site and demanded that the company should disclose the details of its site’s owner.

The defendant said that he was unaware of his site violating Google TOS and Schoemaker’s trademark, he was dragged to court. He also sent the screenshot of his AdWords account and the keywords he is targeting for the campaign. This created a doubt in Schoemaker’s mind and after investigation it was found that the site owner was a Google employer working as AdWords Account Strategist in Google

Even after getting sued, the defendant is saying that he did not violate the rules of Google TOS. There are chances of him either fooling everyone or he really don’t know anything about Google TOS violation.


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