On Sunday, Google announced that now restaurants, as well as their customers, will be able to add well-known dishes to the results of their Google search panel. Google stated that the popular dishes feature is being developed using a machine learning algorithm which matches dish names offered by Google Map users with related pictures and reviews. This will help Google Map users to have access to the best dishes of a restaurant on their fingertips. Here is what the feature will look like-

Google Enables Restaurants And Customers To Add & Edit Well-Known Dishes!

Here are the steps using which you can add a dish

  • Open Google Maps on your Android device
  • Enter the name of your restaurant on the search bar
  • Tap on menu on your Business Profile and then tap on Add
  • Add a picture of the dish
  • Enter the name of the dish and tap Done

There are some more instructions regarding how you can manage these dishes.

The feature is live on Google Maps for Android devices all over the world. It will be rolled out for iOS users in the months to come. Well-known dishes for restaurants can be viewed on Business Profiles on Google Maps on the Android app. Business owners, managers as well customers can add and name dishes on the Business Profile via Maps.

Dishes which are named by owners will be given first preference instead of those dishes whose names have been added by customers. Users will also be able to suggest edits in case they feel that information on a dish is inaccurate.


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