Google has enhanced the accuracy of Index Coverage report generated by Google Search Console. As per Google’s Search Console help documentation, Index Coverage report started shifting to a more accurate system on July 14 and fully shifted at the start of August.

Due to this shift to a new system, Google wasn’t able to record Index Coverage data from July 14 to August 1. Data in Index Coverage report between July 14 and August 1 is an assessment on basis of August 1 values. The Index Coverage report was initially rolled out to Search Console last year. It detects any page of a website which cannot be indexed while offering instructions on how to resolve issues. Site owners can also utilize the Index Coverage Report for submitting sitemaps. Data can be filtered by individual sitemaps.

This is the first known update to Index Coverage since its introduction. From now on, when website owners see their Index Coverage report they will come across a notation added on July 14, called a “Google Search Update”. This notation is a bit misleading since it refers to a Search Console update, rather than Google Search. No important Google Search event took place on July 14.


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