Google AdWords has updated the billing summary page for the AdWords accounts. According to the Google AdWords Help Center, it has implemented this update in an effort to increase “transparency, flexibility, and performance.”

The New Billing Page:

Google Gives a Facelift to AdWords Billing Page!

The Old Billing Page:

Google Gives a Facelift to AdWords Billing Page!

The most noteworthy changes that have been implemented are:

  1. Advertising costs are broken out by day.
  2. One invoice is created at the beginning of each month showing all advertising costs and payments from the previous month.
  3. Highlights are added at the top of the rows showing balance or next bill date, your last payment info and your payment methods.
  4. Costs are broken down by day
  5. Over-delivery credits are clearly displayed now
  6. Your running balance is clearer
  7. Better and more flexible date range options
  8. Collapsible totals feature for monthly views New filter by charges, payments, adjustments, and taxes
  9. A break out by Offline advertisement views (like print or television advertisements)
  10. Monthly invoice print option
  11. Speed has been improved

  12. Faster updates, from six hours to less than an hour.

There is also a post at Webmaster World that covers this new update. This week Google has taken the form of the ‘fairy godmother’ as it has been taking care of just about every concern that advertisers had.


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