The new homepage features the same account alerts summary and an account performance graph, but you can now customize it (homepage) to suit your own conveniences. You can create your own modules based on the saved filters created on the campaign interface by you. This way you can identify problems with your campaigns, including keywords that are performing low, ads that fail to show, or keywords that cost more but are performing less and so on.

Therefore, using this new feature, you can customize your homepage, in such a way that the next time you log in to your account, you can review just what you want to or is most important to you.

“The modules on the Home tab are based on saved filters created on your Campaigns tab. This provides you with the flexibility to define exactly which metrics and sections of your account are important to review right when you log in. To get you started, we’ve added some default filters to populate your Home tab, but you can feel free to remove those and customize as much as you’d like! These same modules will appear on AdWords for Mobile, helping you keep tabs on your account while you’re on the go.”

If you need any help regarding the new homepage version, you can visit the Help Center and get the required information on how to customize your AdWords homepage to best optimize it.


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