For many years, Google has dominated the search engine category! There is nothing to deny that today Google has become a go-to place for every kind of information. Whether users want to learn “How to bake a cake” or “How to tie a tie”, Google walks them through a set of steps to successfully complete a task, and can feature video, images, and text.

How-To structured data was introduced by Google to help users expand their content to new surfaces, to help them complete tasks wherever they are, and interactively progress through the steps using voice commands.

Lizzy Harvey, a technical writer at Google, in her recent tweet notified that Google is updating its help document on using ‘how-to’ structured data with new guidelines.

Google Introduces New Guidelines For How-To Structured Data!


  1. Markup Steps: While marking steps, try not to markup extra info as a step, like “step 1” or an intro to the how-to. Only include information related to that specific step inside the markup.
  2. Unique Images: Make sure that you use unique images which are related to the respective steps.
  3. Google Introduces New Guidelines For How-To Structured Data!

  4. Visible Images: As per the announcement, a marked image must be visible on to page.
  5. One How-To Per Page: There should be only one instance of how-to markup for a page.

This feature is currently available in English in all countries where Google Search is available and is only available on mobile devices, not desktop.


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