Google Launches Mobile Speed Score Grading Pages On A 10-Point Scale

Google presents a new way of measuring speed of mobile pages. It has launched a new report which grades mobile pages on a 10-point scale. The new mobile speed score is merged within Google Ads(earlier called AdWords). You can find it in the Landing pages. From here, users can promptly view the exact pages which are offering a fast mobile experience and which are the ones which need greater attention.

Google Launches Mobile Speed Score Grading Pages On A 10-Point Scale

Google warns advertisers that mobile page speed can have a major impact on ad performance. Mobile speed scores are based on a few factors. These include the relationship between expected conversion rate and page speed. For advertisers who require assistance to speed up their mobile pages, Google suggests taking leverage of Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP).

AMP pages offer a quicker, smoother and more convenient mobile experience. Usually, AMP pages normally load 85% quicker than normal mobile pages. Once you have improved the speed of your site, you may direct search ad clicks to these AMP pages and create a prompt, satisfactory experience for visitors.

Other tools provided by Google to assess mobile page speed include Impact Calculator which calculates potential revenue lost because of having a slow mobile site and Speed Scoreboard, which compares mobile speed with that of competitors.


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