Google is launching a redesign of Google Account to offers clearer access to both their privacy controls and settings. Jan Hannemann, Google Account’s product manager announced updates on  Google’s blog on Thursday. Only Android users will be able to view straight away. Web and iOS users will be able to see the new interface in the later part of this year.

The updates are being launched a month following after General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR)went in full swing. European law governs the management and handling of EU members and offers users with better data protection.

Simpler Access

The apparent change to Google Account is addition of horizontal navigation tabs, which surface user controls on personalization and data, privacy and security. User can now gain access such details on their mobiles through unwieldy navigation. Data and Personalization Tab includes all activity controls and ad personalization options and details.

Google Launches Updates to Provide Users Easier Access to Privacy Controls

Quicker Answers

Users are likely to have simpler time findings settings and other details related to account with in-account search functionality and new navigation. Google has dedicated an area for their community forum for account and privacy-related questions.

What impact will the change have on marketers?

At present, consumers find themselves in ‘’privacy paradox’’ in which they intend to protect their data but are inclined to give it away in case they find a proper advantage to a personalized experience. Surfacing data controls more conspicuously is advantageous for users. Advertisers need to think that whether using a clearer access, greater number of users might implement tighter controls on how their data is utilized or clar signals like search history and other signals used for behavioural target with high frequency, thereby making it less effectual at scale. On the bright side, when users curate their personalization data, targeting signals become better for advertisers. Facebook also revamped the way in which it resurfaces privacy controls for users in the early part of the year.


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