Holiday season is approaching and Google Merchant Center has updates to help advertisers. The new feeds experience and Opportunities are here just in time for the advertisers to win this holiday season.

Supplemental Feeds

Earlier product data could only be submitted in one primary feed. Supplemental feeds now offer the flexibility to submit and modify your product data from multiple sources. Supplemental feeds can be used to add or override attributes and values in the primary feed.

Google Merchant Center Offers Opportunities To Improve Campaigns

More Clicks With Opportunities

Opportunities tab give a better idea of the potential results and effort needed to improve product data or campaigns. If there’s enough information to show an opportunity, a card will appear. Each card pulls in dynamic information, from small adjustments to important feed fixes, to help advertisers prioritize their resources and drive more clicks. “Initial cards will show on a limited basis and focus on improving your product data quality. But, this is only the beginning — expect more opportunity types in the future. Check the Opportunities tab regularly as it’s constantly working in the background to spot opportunities for you. And, make it a goal to address any high-value opportunities before heading into the holidays.”

Google Merchant Center Offers Opportunities To Improve Campaigns

Single Multi-Country Feed

Take your products to new customers across the globe. Add new countries with the same language to the primary feed and the prices will automatically show in user currency. You can apply Feed Rules to reach new countries with different languages. Apply Feed Rules to pull language dependent values from a supplemental feed.

Google Merchant Center Offers Opportunities To Improve Campaigns


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