Google+ is moving ahead by leaps and bounds as far as user numbers are concerned, and the majority of these users are Asians, with Singapore leading the pack followed closely by India. This was deduced on the basis of Experian Hitwise data.

The user numbers were monitored for a period of eight-weeks, starting from July to August 2011. The number of visits per country were compared under the social networking and forums category. And the results showed Singapore right on top.

As you can see from the user number graph shown here, Singapore is the leader, next is India, followed by Hong Kong, when it comes to percentage of users coming from these countries. This is the data interpretation of the observation-

Singapore– The number of users taking up Google+ in Singapore has been more or less stable. Google+ in Singapore has a continued rate of visits to Google+, with the highest being 1.2% on August 27, and the lowest being 0.8% on July 16.

The Reason Behind This-

Singapore has shown sustained increase in the visits after the Google+ beta launch. The reason behind this is speculated as the dominance of Google in the country. Not less than 34% of traffic originated from Google here.

India- India is the second largest user base of Google+ users. It comes second to Singapore, as the country that is really taking to social networking. The user base from India was at its peak- 0.4% on the 16th of July, and it also achieved 14th place for the same. The visits from India started to go down from here and coming to a 0.2 percent as of August 27.

Why Indians Love Google+

Experts believe that the growth of mobile and internet community is the primary reason behind Indians are signing up for Google+. Another reason deduced is the fast growing economy and the rapidly becoming popular social media. Hitwise reported these observations as the primary forces behind the increasing user base.

Hong Kong- Hong Kong is lagging behind in the Google+ user numbers race. It is at the 90th position and has a dismal 0.074 percent share in the social networking and forums category during launch week. Since the launch and the following time, there was little or no increase in the numbers of users- till the last day of data collection- August 27.

Why Hong Kong Residents Are Not Moved By Google+

According to Hitwise, the reason behind lower rate of adoption in Hong Kong is the popularity of local Chinese social networking websites. Of the number of visits, 60 percent are towards Facebook and YouTube while the rest 40 percent op internet users go to Chinese forums such as Discuss, Uwants, and Sina Weibo.

This data said, another observation made by the report is that the number of visits to Facebook from these countries remains unaffected by Google+! This means that Facebook user following is unshaken and it holds the position of social networking leader.

Lets see what Google+ developers make of these findings.


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