Google tweeted on Wednesday that two new Google categories are now available within Google My Business. Now, apart from utilizing Google Posts for telling what is new in your business or upcoming events, you can also post about new products and offers.

Google Posts initially started as a way for businesses to promote their offers. However, Google redesigned the interface a few months ago to divide the type of posts. It enables business owners to add more fields of data based on the exact type of Google posts that they are adding. In case it is event-driven, dates will matter. On the other hand, if it is product-driven, then pricing will matter.

According to Google, there are four types of posts:-

  • What’s new posts: Posts which offer general details related to your business. You may include a link, picture/video, CTA button and other details. For instance, a cafe might make a post for promoting a new menu item.
  • Event posts: These are posts which promote an event which your firm either supports or is involved in. This type of posts need a title, start/end dates and time. They might include a photo/video, CTA button and other details.
  • Product posts: Posts which give priority to a particular product your firm sells. Product posts need a title and video or photo. You can also include a CTA button, and other details. For instance, an electronics store might promote a new product for sale.
  • Offer posts: These posts offer promotional sales or offers from your business. They require a title, start/end dates and times. A “View offer” CTA button gets automatically added to the post. You can also include a link, coupon code, photo/video and terms & conditions with the post.

Here are options for Google posts about products:-

Here are options for Google Posts on Offers:-


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