Google has concetrated on getting website owners and markters to enhance mobile site experiences over the last couple of years. At the Mobile World Congress recently held in Barcelona, they announced the release of two new mobile benchmarking resources for assisting in the effort. They are a conversion Impact Calculator and a new Mobile Scoreboard.

Both these tools aim to offer marketers clear visuals to assist them to get buy-in from stakeholders for investing in mobile site speed. The Mobile Scorecard tracks data of Chrome User Exoperience for comparing speed of numerous sites on mobile. This is the same database of latency data from Chrome users which Google strated to use in its PageSpeed Insights Tool since January. Google has stated that Mobile Scoreboard can report on numerous websites from 12 countries.

Google releases Mobile Scoreboard and Impact Calculator tools for signifying mobile page speed

Google as a guideline uggests that s ite loads and becomes usable within a spean of five seconds on mid-range devices within 3G connections and within just three seconds on 4G connections. For putting Mobile Scoreboard data within the monetary perspective for stakeholders, the new Impact Calculator has been designed for showing only how much conversion revenue a site is missing out due to its slow loading speed.

The conversion Impact Calculator on the other hand is based on data acquired from The State of Online Retail Performance report from April 2017. This report showed that a delay of each second in page loading on a retail site can bring down conversions by up to 20 percent.

The calculator shows how change in page load can bring up or boost revenue after marketers enter their average monthly visitors, avaergae value order and conversion rate. Google has made a similar tool for publishers which is called DoubleClick Publisher Revenue Calculator.


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