Google has released a new WordPress plugin for Chrome’s new native lazy-loading feature. It enables website owners to optimize loading images and iframes without utilizing without using custom JavaScript. Google’s new ‘’Native Lazyload’’ plugin makes the entire process hassle-free since it enables a site to support native lazy-loading instantly.

The main functionality of a new plugin is to make sure that the images on a website incorporate the new ‘’loading’’ attribute with the value of ‘’lazy.’’ There is no need for any setup. You only need to install it.

The plugin has a fallback mechanism for browsers. However, it doesn’t support native lazy-loading. This mechanism comprises custom JavaScript but has minimal impact on page load time. The plugin can help in ensuring that all visitors to your site, irrespective of the browser, and benefit from lazy-loading of images and iframes. You can directly install Google’s Native Lazyload plugin from the WordPress admin dashboard by moving to Plugins>Add New, and searching for it by name.


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