In the recent SMX conference held in Munich, Google’s John Mueller stated that Google Search Console will send FYIs to websites which have moved from desktop-first to mobile-first index. This will enable those website owners who are trying to find out whether their websites have switched over by verifying server logs or viewing Google’s cache to see whether each page is cached with the mobile or desktop version at present.

Mueller also mentioned that Google plans to include an annotation in Google Search Console in Performance Report to be an extra visual changeover for the website. This will certainly help those who witness fluctuations in their reporting data. This can be explained by Google once the site switches from desktop to mobile indexing.

Here is a tweet in German from Simon Griesser which translates to ‘’Google will inform via search console when a website @MobileFirstIndex is being reset. Says #JohnMu #smxmuenchen #smxmunich #smx.”

Google Search Console Alerts For Moving To Mobile-First Index

Google never planned to inform webmasters regarding when their sites switched over. However, they did plan to communicate issues to check the site from moving to mobile-first index. Google did provide some tips on how to picks signs that your website has moved. However, this message will make it clear for webmasters and SEOs.


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