Page speed is a major factor in mobile search rankings. Google has named this “Speed Update” and has officially stated that it is now launching the update across the world. The major goal of the update is to remove the slowest pages from the internet, i.e the ones in which a user needs to wait for quite a few seconds for content to be loaded on a mobile. Google has mentioned it will have an impact on a “small percentage of queries.”

Google Speed Update Being Launched For All Users

Google applies the same standard to all pages, irrespective of the technology which has been used for creating the web page. The aim of the search query is a major signal. Therefore, a slow page might still get a good ranking if it has high-quality, relevant content.

Many announcements had been made about Speed Update before it’s launch. In fact, Google had announced in January that the update would be launched in July. Earlier, page speed was considered a ranking factor only in case of desktop searches.

Though Google had always advised fast moving, mobile-optimized websites, speed wasn’t considered a major ranking factor in mobile search results. Following the launch of the new update, the speed at which a content loads is a factor in mobile page rankings.


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