Recently, Francesco Mapelli came up with a new SEO tool, known as the ‘Supplemental Index Ratio Calculator’. The main functionality of this tool is to provide the site owners with the percentage of pages from their site that are included in the Google Supplemental Index. The Supplemental Index Ratio tells you what percentage of pages from your website are supplemental results. It is good if your site have a lower Supplemental Index Ratio.

Supplemental Index Ratio Calculator with the help of a simple Google site search (with &filter=0 ) can easily find out how many pages are in the total index (main + supplemental). To find out the total number of pages in the main index, one have to add ‘’ extension.

With some basic mathematics principles, the new tool also calculates the percentage of pages that are in the supplemental index. One can notice a strange operator “” in the second query. This query is not a real Google operator. In fact the operator does not even exist, this is just an hack to have Google trigger his supplemental filter. With “”, one gets the same result.

In short, the Supplemental Index Ratio Calculator, gives:

This new SEO tool will be helpful to many site owners. To read more on this topic, click here.


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