Google is updating and working on the look of its product-oriented knowledge panels on mobile to show even more details about the particular item or product in the search results.

In an example by Vlad Rappoport (the image below), the shopping knowledge panel has a blue header providing details about the product and a new carousel featuring third-party editorial reviews and separate tabs for stores in addition to reviews with a number of different options and features, like videos, to provide a one-stop resource for product info.

Google Updates Mobile Product Knowledge Panel To Show More Info

In the example above, there’s one shopping ad in the “Shop on Google” section. In other cases, the knowledge panel will function a carousel of Shopping ads. The image below shows an example where several product photos are shown in the carousel along with an additional “Details” tab.

Google Updates Mobile Product Knowledge Panel To Show More Info

Google pulls in user reviews from numerous sources, including merchants, manufacturers and brands that participate in the Product Rating Programs and from platforms like The editorial reviews about specific products are surfaced algorithmically.

Google first started displaying advertisements in knowledge panel at the end of year 2013. The update comes right before the holiday shopping season, a time when the company competes heavily with Amazon and other websites for product search volume. It also shows Google’s move to provide more information about products in the search results themselves with side-by-side product comparison feature.

Google tweeted a GIF showing the new shopping panel experience:

Get shopping information in a snap. Now with a single search, you can quickly find product photos, videos, reviews, descriptions and more. – Google (@Google) November 14, 2017


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