Google has rolled out many visual updates to Search Console which are designed to offer more context to data which is included in reports. The visual update comprises:-

  • Annotation Cards: Fly over bullet points in the error report to learn more about the problem detected on that specific date.
  • Difference Column: It shows how data has changed over a time period.
  • Filter/Compare: This has been redesigned with a new look and pre-populated values
  • Overall improvements to the date picker and comparison window

Google Upgrades Search Console Reports

Google announced this news on Twitter where it also published a short video showing the new annotation cards. It would also seem that the issues can be detected and solved from the same card. You only need to click on “View issue” link. There will be a button which will enable you to confirm that the problem has been resolved. You will also notice that if more than one problem has been detected on the same date you can see them on the same card utilizing the arrow buttons. This has been demonstrated in the video below.


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