Google+ is all about finding friends, connecting with them and Adding them to your 'Circles' and being added to their 'Circles'. There is no concept of a 'friend request' here. Just people and circles. So, the big question, 'how do you know someone has removed you from their circles?' There is a way, and you will get notified immediately, when that happens. Below is the 'How?'

This piece is about Google+, but it's the story of a 'minus'.

Yes, you are 'minused' from Google+ if  someone removes you from their friends list , or as it is called on G+ 'Circles'

To begin with, here is a little on the Circle Systems in Google+. Firstly, there are no friend requests on Google+. You cannot send someone a request to be their friend. All you can do is, add them to your Circles. Now, when you do that, they get a notification that you have added them to your Circle.

This is the testing time. If you get a notification saying that you have been added to their Circle- Great! This is sort of accepting a friend request. But in case you do not get a notification about any Circle, well accept it- they don't want you.

Now on to the Google Minus. Now, this is a browser add-on that lets you know if you have been removed from someone's circle. To use the extension you have to install the Kynetx browser extension first. This runs on any browser (Chrome or Firefox or Safari). Now that you have the power of Kynetx with you, you can install Google Minus.

Warning here- You have to be patient, as this installation will take time. After installing the extension,  you have to create an account on their site. TIP: Use your Facebook or Google ID for a quick account creation.

Now, you are ready. Your arsenal is in place. Explore Google+, ass people to your Circles, let them add you. But- the minute someone removes you from their Circle- you will get a pop up! Right there! Immediately.

This works how? Well, the Google Minus extension, creates a check-list of all the people in your Circles and those who have you in their Circles.The minute a name disappears from that check list, you are alerted.

This goes without saying that Google Minus will be used as readily as the Plus itself! Many users are Circle sensitive. Being in and our of Circles is becoming a prestige issue. This is ironical, as Google+ removed the idea of a friend request, for this purpose only-so that the “I am 'friended' or 'unfriended'”
issues do not exist. But it seems like, when you are social, such issues are unavoidable.

Do leave a feedback if you used Google Minus.


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