Google has launched a new testing tool for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This tool is to ensure that your AMP implementation is working as expected, and available within the Search Console.

Google’s New AMP Testing Tool

“This testing tool is mobile-friendly and uses Google's live web-search infrastructure to analyze the AMP page with the real Googlebot. The tool tests the validity of the AMP markup as well as any structured data on the page. If issues are found, click on them to see details, and to have the line in the source-code highlighted. For valid AMP pages, we may also provide a link to a live preview of how this page may appear in Google's search results.”

Google’s New AMP Testing Tool

You can share a snapshot of the results with others, with the share button on the bottom right. This in turn makes it easier to discuss issues with your team.

Checkout the tool at


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