July is going to be a notable month for Google. Earlier this month, Google announced that its Speed Update will be launched in July. It announced yesterday that it will mark all sites which haven’t migrated to HTTPS as “not secure”. This event will coincide with Chrome 68’s release. The latter will look like this in a user’s browser.

Google's Chrome Browser to mark non-HTTPS sites as 'not secure' from July 2018

Google has been pressurizing webmasters to change non-secure websites over the last few years. It has also hinted at offering a slight boost in rankings to incentivize this shift. Chrome is dedicated to simplifying the HTTPS set up process. Developers can now utilize mixed content audits to migrate their sites to HTTPS in the newest Node CLI version of Lighthouse.

This is an automated tool for enhancing web pages. Developers can use this new audit in Lighthouse to detect the exact resources of a website which loads using HTTP. They can also find out the ones which are ready to be upgraded to HTTPS by changing subresource reference to HTTPS version.

Chrome’s new interface will also enable users to comprehend that all HTTP sites are not safe and ensure a transition to a safer HTTPS web via default. HTTPS is simpler and more affordable than before. It unlocks performance enhancements and powerful new features which are regarded as too sensitive for HTTP.


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