Google’s New Search Console finally graduates out of beta. The new version of the search console has been under beta testing since the beginning of the year. Though it has officially come out of beta now, it was readily available for the users all this while. The New Search Console came out of beta only after it supported the key features available, in the classic version, in a better way.

Google’s New Search Console Qualifies Beta Testing

Google launched the New Search Console with two more features to enhance its performance.

Manual Actions report: Active manual actions and security issues will be shown directly on the Overview page. From there, you can review the details for any pending Manual Action and, if needed, file a reconsideration request

Google’s New Search Console Qualifies Beta Testing

URL Inspection tool (Live mode): Run the URL inspection on the live version of the page. This feature is useful for debugging and fixing issues in a page or confirming whether a reported issue still exists in a page.

Google’s New Search Console Qualifies Beta Testing

What’s New in the New Search Console?

It gets you more data:

  • Get an accurate view of your website content using the Index Coverage report.
  • Review your Search Analytics data going back 16 months in the Performance report.
  • See information on links pointing to your site and within your site using the Links report.
  • Retrieve crawling, indexing, and serving information for any URL directly from the Google index using the URL Inspection Tool.

It provides Better alerting and new “fixed it” flows:

  • Get automatic alerts and see a listing of pages affected by Crawling, Indexing, AMP, Mobile Usability, Recipes, or Job posting issues.
  • Reports now show the HTML code where we think a fix necessary (if applicable).
  • Share information quickly with the relevant people in your organization to drive the fix.
  • Notify Google when you’ve fixed an issue. We will review your pages, validate whether the issue is fixed, and return a detailed log of the validation findings.

It Offers Simplified sitemaps and account settings management:

  • Let Google know how your site is structured by submitting sitemaps
  • Submit individual URLs for indexing (see below).
  • Add new sites to your account, invite and manage users

Though the latest version of the Search Console is out, with no notice about pulling the classic version back anytime soon, Google is still working on the new interface to add exciting new capabilities to the new Search Console.


Ritu from PageTraffic is a qualified Google Ads Professional and Content Head at PageTraffic. She has been the spear head for many successful Search Marketing Campaigns and currently oversees Content Marketing operations of PageTraffic in India.