The Google homepage in the United States is showing a turkey doodle, and that too well before Thanksgiving! Looks like Google has got into the festive spirit with a special push for the more creative Google+ users.

Google Thanksgiving

The interactive turkey doodle, features a turkey in place of the two 'O' of the Google logo. The Doodle allows users a chance to decorate the bird to their liking. Every user can dress up their turkey as they like from the Google home page. As Google announced this turkey can be clicked in seven places, and users can personalize the doodle to their taste this Thanksgiving. The different features include- a variety of hair dos, hats, helmets, glasses, roller skates, duck feet and high heels.

As Google explains the creative freedom the Doodle allows, “Whether you want to customize the headpiece, feet or individual feathers- or just prefer a random surprise by pulling on the turkey's wing- there are many ways to show off your creativity. We can’t stick your creations on our fridge, but thanks to a collaborative effort between our engineers and artists, you’ll be able to share your turkeys via Google+ or a shortened URL. This way all your friends and family, wherever they may be, can see your festive creation.”

Like stated in the quote above, users can share their Doodles with others on Google+ by clicking the G+ share button. For the users not on Google+, they can click the "link" button which gives them a short URL to post on other networks.

Looks like there will be a number of cold turkeys on Google+ this season!


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