Google My Business is now offering support for hotels to login to Google My Business and update details related to their services and amenities.

Hotel attributes

You can add all these details inside Google My Business under hotel attributes of the console. The steps are example below-

  • Sign in to your Google My Business account
  • In case you have multiple locations, open the locations which you want to manage
  • Click on Info
  • Go to ‘’Hotel attributes’’, and then clock on Edit
  • Look for the information which you want to attribute and fill in the details before clicking on Save.

Google offers a summary of a hotel’s amenities which customers can see either from Google Maps or Google Search. You can edit these details on your dashboard if you find that any of the details you have added is factually incorrect.

Cannot Edit Hotel Attributes?

Google has stated that if you cannot change these details because of some issue or error, then you can contact Google for assistance.

Why is this update important?

Google is being widely used by people to search for hotel reviews, pricing, and details. Therefore, you need to keep details of your hotel updated so that people are not disappointed when they find that the information they found on Google doesn’t match the actual accommodations of a hotel. It is essential to ensure that the details of your hotel are up-to-date and precise by controlling what is being shown on Google.


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