Do you want to have lots of subscribers on insta? Instagram is one of the most popular social networks at the moment. But if you want to become an influencer, you still need to have subscribers. In the beginning, it’s difficult to get subscribers. How to get 1K followers on instagram in 5 minutes for free is still a question and many influencers want to get answers for this. Here are some free tips to gain Instagram followers!

Social networks have today become powerful tools for communication, visibility and promotion. This is also the case with Instagram which has millions of subscribers and every day, the number of subscribers continues to grow. There are many tips to boost and have more followers on this network. Some are paid, like buying Instagram followers , but others are completely free. Discover here 15 free tips to get more followers on Instagram .

1. Cross-promote your hashtags

For more visibility on Instagram; you need to promote your hashtags. There are three levels of hashtags. You’ll find  hashtags tailored to your business ,  popular hashtags,  and  location hashtags . Try to tailor each of the hashtags to your posts. We must therefore make the hashtag a real communication tool. Invite your friends, family, coworkers or anyone else to follow you on Instagram.

Depending on your means, you can also make prints or posters bearing the image of your hashtag. You can also  like or comment on photos or posts from other hashtags . By doing this, you can implicitly get these people to follow you. Obviously, doing  mass following  can be of great benefit to you. However, you have to go slowly and not like everything and anything.

2. Focus on the creation of original and quality content

To gain followers on Instagram, you need to create very engaging content . You will have to bet on the quality of your content. An analysis of your posts, stories, photos, likes, comments, etc. Usually gives you insight into the quality of your posts. In case your analysis shows a negative result, consider changing the methods. Otherwise, take inspiration from the competition by adding a personal touch to maximize your chances. By standardizing your publications on inspirational quotes for example, you can easily increase your number of followers. There are applications that help to make a better analysis of his account. Try one of them to reach your goal.

3. Interact with subscribers

One of the best ways to gain Instagram followers is to engage in conversations that generate buzz. Place comments, use hashtags from the “TagsForLikes” app. Whenever possible, target times when the traffic is higher to connect. At that time, the visibility of your comments will reach a greater number of followers. They can therefore be motivated to be part of your followers. Engage members in the conversation. For example, you can issue a topical or news item to discuss. If you don’t have too much idea, you can browse the trends to see which topics attract and impress followers more.

Another great tool for interacting with your audience is the chatbot . It can engage a potential consumer, give them quick answers to questions, and boost communication with your brand. You can create an  Instagram chatbot , for example, on the SendPulse platform . To do this, you don’t need any coding knowledge. There are also other marketing tools that offer a chatbot: HubSpot, MobileMonkey, Chatfuel, etc.

4. Make long descriptions

In your strategy to gain followers , consider making long descriptions on your photos or posts. Indeed, the description of your posts allows fans to have a broad understanding of the image. Better, they know more about the motivations of your post. Thus, they will be animated with curiosity and will want to know more about you. They therefore become potential followers who will not hesitate to invite other followers to follow you as well.

5. Feed your stories daily

Today, Instagram Stories overtake posts in terms of consultation and engagement. While it is important to post photos to have an active Instagram profile, it is all the more important to post stories.

Stories are ephemeral because they can only be viewed for 24 hours. For this reason, you can afford to post more regularly and also be more intimate . It is quite another way of consuming the social network that makes it successful today.

The advantage of stories is that you quickly switch from one to the other with a simple “swipe” . They can also be found by people who do not follow you yet ! If one of your stories starts to create a buzz and generates a lot of views and engagements, the Instagram algorithm will bring it to more people. This is where you can collect new subscribers for free and grow your community!

In the video below, you will find a simple and easy tutorial to create Instagram STORY PRO in less than a minute!

6. Post regularly on instagram

Becoming an ambianceur, an influencer, a real buzzman on Instagram can also make you gain followers . The objective here is to make a maximum of daily publication to increase your flow and offer you more visibility . You have no limits, so as much as you can, flood the web with relevant and interesting posts. At best you can choose days when a lot of people are active to make your posts.

As such, the weekend seems like the perfect time , especially Sunday. If you represent a company, it is even more of an obligation, because you must increase the visibility of the latter. It therefore becomes important for you to work on your posts and schedule them for publication . Note also that applications exist to help you in the preparation of your posts.

7. Follow the competition’s subscribers

Here is another very interesting tip that often pays off. Find your competitor’s pages and follow their subscribers. That way, you get more noticed by your succinct and to the point comments that you leave at the bottom of their article. Above all, avoid being aggressive to stay the course over time. Your goal is to impress these subscribers and ultimately make them yours. At the same time, you can subscribe to celebrity or influencer accounts.

Obviously by subscribing to celebrity accounts, you will leave likes or comments there. Your posts will therefore be seen by their subscribers who can start following you. If you are bold enough and lucky, you can ask them to share or post any of your content.

8. Link your account to Facebook

How to get more Instagram followers? You just need to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account. It is a better method to gain followers. Your Facebook contacts are directly imported to Instagram. Your friends can then follow you and vice versa. You also have the option of inviting them to follow you. At the same time, all your Facebook posts will be visible on Instagram and vice versa.

If this option does not suit you, you can change it on your Facebook profile. To expand the connection of your accounts, you can link Instagram to Twitter as well. As long as it can help achieve the intended goal, why not give it a try. Failing to link accounts, let your friends know about your presence on Instagram and ask them to follow you.

9. Spam on Instagram

To get followers on Instagram, you need to deploy the basic big spamming technique. It is a technique allowing you to like a photo several times to reach the curious ones. This is possible using the Like4like tag . Thus the most curious will be led to look at your post and like it. This technique can also be used on your own photos. If possible, you can create a spam group to apply the technique further. Be careful, however, not to abuse this technique which could turn against you!

10. Take care of your profile image

To have a lot of followers on Instagram , taking care of your profile is also very important. Your profile represents your first contact with followers. If already the accounts without photos are not considered too much, an account with a badly taken care of photo will not be followed. So to get more Instagram followers, use your prettiest photo. Obviously, you have to think about changing it from time to time to give your profile a facelift.

11. Use an app to edit your Instagram photos

Before publishing your photos, it is important to take care to retouch them for better colors and a more professional rendering. Image editing software like Photoshop is ideal , but not everyone has the budget or the skills to use it well.

Rest assured, there are free mobile applications that allow you to do everything very simply from your smartphone. Here is a selection of the 5 best apps to edit a photo before posting it on insta :

  • PicsArt : Enhance and edit your photos for Instagram.
  • Befunky : Edit your Instagram photos at your convenience.
  • Fotor : Over 63 filters for all your Instagram photos.
  • Adobe Photoshop (Express for Android): The must have for retouching.
  • Canva : The essential graphic application of the community manager.

12. Organize a competition

The giveaway trick is as old as social media, but it still works to grow a community quickly. The idea is to make your community gain something. The condition to participate is to follow you, like it and comment on the post of the competition .

To increase vitalization, you can promote the contest on your blog or on your other social networks by indicating the url of the instagram post. If you have a little budget, you can even do some publicity to prime the pump.

OK we said free tips and this one still requires a little investment between the lot and the pub, but it’s still an excellent way to quickly gain a large number of subscribers . The more interesting the prize is, the more subscribers you will earn!

13. Partner with other influencers

If you start to have a little notoriety with a few thousand subscribers, your profile becomes attractive and this is where you will be able to move up a gear . The next step is to identify influencers who look like you and contact them to make a win-win partnership. Above all, do not see them as competitors but rather as a way of helping each other to go higher together !

The idea is to visit influencers who have at least as many followers as you do. Everyone shares a photo of the other, inviting their community to follow . Partnering with other influencers usually works very well if it’s well targeted!

14. Stay on top of trends

To gain followers on Instagram , you have to manage to always stay in the trends. Instagram is a dynamic and constantly evolving platform. So, if you want to have more followers on this network, you have to follow the trend . Update your app regularly. Use trendy emojis or hashtags . Update your profile and develop new ideas every day to stay on top.

15. Take free training on Instagram

Why try to reinvent the wheel when others have already tested and validated all the best techniques? Especially with a few searches on Youtube, you will find many free tutorial videos that give you lots of tips to gain subscribers. If you are motivated and you follow the advice of the best, you will most certainly be able to break into Instagram!

So here is the good advice for you to know how to have more Instagram subscribers for free. It’s up to you and you can start building marketing partnerships with brands and making money!


Ritu from PageTraffic is a qualified Google Ads Professional and Content Head at PageTraffic. She has been the spear head for many successful Search Marketing Campaigns and currently oversees Content Marketing operations of PageTraffic in India.