When it comes to earning money with WordPress, may you tried everything or still wish to learn more. Yes?

Website design, SEO consulting, speed optimization, freelancing, Google AdSense, are the hot topics hope you all are aware of this.

WordPress is an open-source program that is freely available for everybody to use. It is perfect for creating unique sites and is appreciated by millions but you can do more than this with WordPress.

You can make money from it, also. can you believe in this?

Here, we’re going to reveal the most effective ways to make money from your WordPress website.

In this, you don’t have to become a coder, developer, or even a WordPress whiz to get a little something back but you need to play to your strengths.

Looking out for great approaches that build on skills you currently have, or abilities you’re prepared to grow.

Inside this guide, we will outline the best ways of monetizing WordPress and explain everything.

So, are you ready to create your WordPress website?

Making money online frequently works best when you’ve got a strong market or doing ecommerce business but it can be hard to start.

Why WordPress software is so popular?

This means that anybody can view the code and add it to the software to make it simpler. It is the contributions by tens of thousands of independent people from throughout the world that constructed WordPress to what it has become today.

WordPress is licensed under GPL, and you must understand the benefits of the GPL license because that can help you understand the possession.

We will summarize the GPL in three Chief advantages:

  • You’re able to use WordPress in whatever way you like without any restrictions.
  • You’re able to personalize, add or remove anything in WordPress that you don’t enjoy with no restrictions.
  • You can repackage, rebrand, sell and distribute WordPress without any restrictions except it is also published under the GPL license.
  • The last part usually blows people’s heads away. Yes, you may take WordPress, alter the logo and the name, and start selling it (100% valid ).

To put it differently, the code base of WordPress belongs to the neighborhood. The thousands of men and women who contributed to this non-profit endeavor did it without any immediate reparation.

We’ll clarify this in more information via model section of the report.


Any website you produce using the self-hosted WordPress applications will be 100% owned by you. The content you upload to these websites can also be 100% owned by you personally.

How can a software company make money by using WordPress blogging software?

Let’s have a look at how WordPress founder shared makes money tips.

1. Web Hosting

WordPress provides web hosting solutions for many big brands like CNN, TechCrunch, Time.com, and even much more. The pricing for WordPress VIP Hosting starts at $15,000 a month.

2. Google AdSense

It provides a free blog hosted on WordPress.com and it contains the facility of Google AdSense ads and the ad revenue. But the Google ads will only appear if these three conditions been met-

Firstly the customers should not be using the Firefox browser.

If you are using your previous account, make sure you have to be logged out.

The referring source is not available in WordPress powered site.

So, suppose if you land on abc.wordpress.com from xyz.wordpress.com, you won’t be able to find any Google Ads.

3. GPL Compatible

These GPL compatible themes are manufactured by third-party WordPress programmers and Automatic receives a commission per sale.

4. Premium Accounts

Although anyone can host a site on WordPress.com for free, they only charge you a fixed fee but in any case, if you want to purchase additional storage space for your multimedia documents or if you wish to use a custom domain compared to the default option wordpress.com sub-domain then it is the perfect solution for you.

There are many reports that WordPress may soon enable users to add AdSense within their free blogs for a subscription fee.

5. Web Host Referrals

WordPress.org suggests the list of third-party web hosting companies where you might self-host your WordPress site (s) for a commission.

Here HostGator India is also the best for starting your WordPress types of website.

6. WordPress Support

Here, you should need assistance with WordPress but the free support forums are not solving the purpose. The WordPress development team can help you solve issues linked to your WordPress system along the reaction time can be as low as 6 hours.

7. Poll Daddy

I am not sure if have discussed this but Poll Daddy provides an Automattic 1a paid variation, where you could have an unlimited number of questions per poll and there is no Poll Daddy branding on your polls or surveys.

8. Guided Transfers

You would like to move your blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org, this features offers a service named Guided Transfers to aid you with the transfer.

9. VaultPress

May you wish to automatically backup your WordPress blog to the cloud, the VaultPress support from Automattic will help and it will be the best packages and its starts at $15 a month, they will backup your WordPress site in real-time and will also notify you of possible security problems or another issue.

10. VideoPress

The VideoPress plugin for WordPress lets you host videos and sound files on your site. There are no limits on bandwidth or duration of videos, the videos are served with no advertisements it supports HD playback as well. Starts at $60 each year.A


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