AdWords advertisers in India and South Africa can do call reporting. The announcement was made on Google+ and Google AdWords Help. Google said, “call reporting is now available in India and South Africa to give you deeper insight into your calls performance at no additional cost”

“Measuring performance from your call extensions and call-only campaigns is essential for making informed decisions about your campaign spend and optimizations. When you set up call reporting, AdWords uses trackable phone numbers with your ads to provide you with useful insights such as the caller’s area code, call duration, and whether the call was answered. Where available, we’ll also show a local phone number that shares the same area code or prefix number as your business number to make it more recognizable and relevant for local searchers.”

Advertisers can also implement call conversion tracking to measure which phone calls from their ads or website lead to valuable conversions for their business.

Indian and South Africa Get Google Adwords Call Reporting


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