LinkedIn is launching new features that have been designed to assist businesses to engage in a better way with their staff. These features will enable employees to stay updated so that they share the latest content of the company with which they are associated. LinkedIn is also launching new tools to help companies to optimize their pages. Here are the details of all new features which are being introduced to LinkedIn pages-

Employee Notifications-Let Your Staff Share Your Messages

Your staff can be the best advocates for your business. However, many companies cannot figure out where to start. Using the Employee Notifications feature, page admins can notify employees about important posts, which the former can engage or share with people in their LinkedIn network. The feature enables your employees to share your company’s content easily.

LinkedIn has also added safeguards to make sure that the feature adds more value to member experience. By limiting notifications to once a week, you can make sure that your staff doesn’t get overwhelmed with updates. To know more out this new feature, visit LinkedIn’s Employee Notifications Help Center article.

Kudos and Team Moments

Kudos and Team Moments enable page admins to use a custom content format built to welcome new members of a team, highlight outstanding work and recognize people associated with a company.

Page Completion Meter

LinkedIn is making it easier for admins to optimize their pages entirely using the new personalized page completion meter. This meter identifies missing fields and announces new features.

LinkedIn has mentioned that company pages generate 30% more page views each week in comparison to incomplete LinkedIn pages. The complete pages also acquire access to additional features like content suggestions. But, less than 5% of page admins with an incomplete page update it, since they are unaware of the exact information they are missing.
The new profile completion feature will direct admins through the process to complete their page and take advantage of all the available features. Here is what the new features look like in action:


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