Moz officially announced the launch of Keyword Explorer, new keyword research tool.

Rand Fishkin write, “A year ago, in April of 2015, I pitched a project internally at Moz to design and launch a keyword research tool, one of the few areas of SEO we've never comprehensively tried to serve. The pitch took effort and cajoling (the actual, internal pitch deck is available here), but eventually received approval, with one big challenge… We had to do it with a team already dedicated to the maintenance and development of our rankings collections and research tools. This project wouldn't get additional staffing — we had to find a way to build it with only the spare bandwidth of this crew.”

Moz Brings New Keyword Research Tool - Keyword Explorer

Let’s have a look at 5 big and unique features of Keyword Explorer(KWE):

  • KWE helps the users across the keyword research process, starting from discovering keyword ideas, getting metrics, building list, filtering the keywords, and prioritizing the keywords based on numbers.
  • Besides the most essential Volume and Difficulty metrics, KWE also features three less familiar metrics: Opportunity, Importance, and Potential.

Moz Brings New Keyword Research Tool - Keyword Explorer

  • KWE uses Russ Jones’ volume bucket methodology to predict the search volume with ~95% accuracy.
  • KWE gives keyword suggestions using all sources that SEOs access manually during the research process – Keyword Planner data, Google Suggest, Related Searches, other keywords that the ranking pages also ranked for, topic-modeling ideas, and keywords found from Moz’s clickstream data. 
  • Import and Export are supported on KWE. Users can upload the list of keywords to fetch the KWE data.

Here’s the 2 minute video demo:

Visit for more information.


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