The new Blogger widget option will make it easier for bloggers to connect their blog to the audience. The Google+ Community Badge will be automatically displayed next to the blog.

The update was announced by the Blogger Google+ page. It will allow bloggers to insert a Community badge by using the ID, which is found at the end of the URL of the blog. There's no need to own or moderate a community for embedding the badge. Moreover, blog owners can insert as many badges as they want & are not forced to choose between Star Trek & Star Wars.

To add a badge to your blog, open the Blogger dashboard and click "Layout" button. Then, click "Add a gadget" and choose "Google+ Badge" from the popup window. Select "Community" as the badge type.

New Blogger Widget to Display a Google+ Community Badge to your Blog!

The widget will let users customize each badge as per the desired size, orientation, and color scheme. There would be no need to deal with HTML or JavaScript as the badge can be put directly to the blog.

After making all the changes, click "Save" and the badge will be live. Each community badge has:

  • Photo
  • Tagline
  • Number of members
  • Direct link to the community

Since the community badge automatically updates, you do not have to insert a new one every time a change is made.

New Blogger Widget to Display a Google+ Community Badge to your Blog!


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