Pinterest is making many changes to look of business profiles, including the addition of a monthly viewer statistic.This statistic will be visible to everybody and not only account administrators. The redesigned business profile includes a dynamic cover image, which allows brands to highlight the content which they want to show to people first.

Head of content and creator products David Temple stated in a blog post, “You can show your latest Pins,pick a specific board to spotlight or just focus on the most recent Pinterest activity from your site. Whatever option you pick, we’ll make sure the Pins in your cover image are always the latest and greatest.”

It will show users the total number of people who have seen the business’s pins within the last 30 days. This statistic might prove to be even more authoritative than the total follower count. Followers can be acquired. However, the actual views are harder to fake.

Pinterest Business Profiles to Show Total Monthly Viewers

In contrast, views can rather be technically bought by promoting. So if your monthly viewer count is lesser in comparison to other users, there is one way of boosting it. With the new statistic, Pinterest is also offering business profiles the ability to add dynamic cover images. This will enable businesses to highlight the content which users want to see first, which includes entire boards or individual pins. All these changes will be rolled out in the next few months.


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