Pinterest has launched three types of promoted Pins. They are: One tap, Video, and app. The announcement was made on Pinterest official blog.

“We’ve even made some improvements to the Pins themselves: We’ve created 3 new types of promoted Pins, each designed to make it a little easier for you to give the Pin a try.”

One-tap Pins: You can tap a one-tap Pin in your feed and jump directly to the site it came from to learn more. “We’ve only just started showing these Pins on Pinterest, but people already seem to be loving how much easier it is to get right to the products they’re looking for. In fact, almost twice as many Pinners are finding items to buy through these new Pins.”

Pinterest Introduces Three New Promoted Pins

Video Pins: These video Pins play right on Pinterest, you don’t need to click off to another site before you can watch. You’ll also find a selection of related ideas that help you learn more about how things work, or buy products you spotted in the video.


App Pins: App Pins make it easier to find information about the apps and app makers you want to hear about most. These Pins link directly to the store so you can download the app and start using it right away.

Besides US , businesses in the UK can also use promoted Pins and these will be available to more audience across the world very soon.


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