Ann Smarty at Search Engine Journal has come up with a list of tools that would help you greatly in the field of text analysis, for SEO diagnostics and SEO copywriting. Here are a few of these tools, for you to take benefit from:

Semantic and lexical text analyzer –

This tool is capable of providing you with a comprehensive complexity and variety overview by taking into account, factors such as:

  1. Different words count.
  2. Characters count.
  3. Complexity factor (lexical density).
  4. Readability.
  5. Syllables-per-word count.
  6. Sentence count.
  7. Average sentence length.
  8. Max. sentence length.
  9. Most frequent words analysis.

Word Count Calculator

Word Count Calculator: The Word Count Calculator is a Firefox browser extension, that enables you to count words and characters of any and all highlighted text fragments.

Page Outline Creators- Fangs:

This Firefox browser extension helps create a webpage outline based on H1-H6 headings and link anchor text.

Page Outline Creators- Fangs

For more information on the tools that would assist you in text analysis, visit Search Engine Journal .


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