Thinking about submitting your work?

This Awards Briefing is for you. Hear from Awards Partner Joana Inácio as she shares everything you need to know about submitting your work so that it stands the best chance of success.

Joana will brief you on:

  • What’s new for 2024

    There are big changes across the Awards categories, from the introduction of the Gaming Spike to the evolution of the Strategy & Effectiveness Spike to the Creative Strategy Spike, and more. We’ve also introduced a  cultural context question across all the categories, which will help the global jury understand the local significance of your work.
  • How to choose the best categories for your work

    Consider your work’s objective and best feature. What did you set out to achieve and which element of the finished product are you most proud of? Your answers will lead you to the best category or categories for your piece.

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Spikes Asia Academy

Spikes Asia Academy returns in person for 2024

Open to all creatives and brand marketers under 30 with at least 1 year of experience in the industry, the Academy nurtures ambitious new talent from the region, who are eager to unlock the power of creativity and reach the next level in their careers. 

Two Deans have been appointed to head up the Academy, Guan Hin Tay, Creative Chairman, BBDO Singapore and Merlee Jayme, Chairmom / Founder, The Misfits Camp, who will shape the two day programme and deliver a world-class learning experience for students.

The Spikes Asia Academy’s theme for 2024 is “Fear-proof” and the programme aims to deliver a groundbreaking interactive creative thinking course that transforms fear from an inhibiting force into a powerful tool for creativity, motivation, and success. Topics include:

  • Embracing the creative process
  • Building emotional resilience
  • Fostering curiosity, creativity and risk-taking
  • Making creativity a habit
  • Storytelling and communication

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Spikes Asia

Be part of Spikes Asia

Align your brand with creativity. Partnership with Spikes Asia demonstrates your commitment to the industry – ensuring exposure to an ever-growing, forward thinking audience.
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