The digital world is ideal for open-minded entrepreneurs that have dared to take their businesses online. Today you need more than a physical store to make good profits in your business. There are nearly two billion social media users in the world today. Your ability to tap into this online channel can be the aspect that differentiates you from your competition. Facebook is among the biggest social media platforms you could use for online marketing ventures. Here ads are the cheapest and you get to reach a wide audience as a business. This is probably why having a successful ad marketing campaign matters for your online success.

Strange enough you do not need to have a high budget to get this ad campaign running, the best practices are all you need. Creativity and presentation matter greatly here unlike the size of business or amount of budgeting. Below are a few factors you should consider if you need to set up a successful Facebook ads campaign today.

What is Facebook Ad Campaign?

All businesses seeking to set adverts on Facebook have to create ad campaigns. These ad campaigns are done in the Facebook Ads manager account. Ad sets are contained in the ad campaigns and they do contain the actual ad to be put across. Facebook campaigns are all constituted of different ad sets. These ad sets need to be of the same objective. The ad sets are a combination of different ads having the same objective but different target audiences or budget. A well-structured ad campaign is very effective in helping you organize your ads, test your audience, and even measure the results of the entire campaign. The following are a few tips on creating successful Facebook Ads.

Determine Your Ad Objective

Your ad should always be able to answer the question of why it is running in the first place. What do you want to achieve from it? Knowing this is crucial to plan and execute how your ad will be made and run. Businesses create Facebook ads for different reasons, you may do it for improved sales, amplified engagements or just create awareness. Regardless of your reason for the ad, Facebook has you sorted out. There are different marketing objectives you can choose when advertising on Facebook. The first one is a traffic campaign where your ads are designed to attract more people to your product or services. For sales generation, you may have to do a conversion campaign among other objectives you may have. Remember the goal you have in your mind is what determines the success of the ads.

Know Your Target Audience

Roughly Facebook is approximated to have about 1.28 billion users. This audience consists of almost every age bracket and people from students to professionals. In order to generate sales or traffic, we need to do more than just posting. Facebook ads can really work magic in turning your online business around. You could run your ads for everyone on Facebook or a few people already familiarized with your product on your Facebook page. You may also be having a few people in mind that you could upload and have Facebook generate a list of lookalike audience to view the ad.

If you, however, do not have the audience you need, you can select the ‘everyone on facebook’ option even though this may be very tough to pick up. Remember you can select your audience based on their age or geographical location while making your ad campaigns.

Use Captivating Videos and Images

Social media is about selling to your audience what you post. How do you get the attention of your audience with your ads? The masters of this strategy can attest to the improved traffic and conversion in their ad campaigns. Your ad can easily be ignored if made with boring images and videos. Ensure that for all your ads you seek the best, bright, high quality and clean pictures. Potential Facebook users can be fast to notice catchy images than dull and boring ones. For the best result do enough research on the images to be used on all your ads. The videos should also be short but catchy and meaningful. Many people spend a few seconds on a post and then scroll to another. Your video should be able to capture the attention of the user within a short time and spark more interest in them.

Use Catchy Phrases

Matching your images or videos with your captions works great magic every time. Your captions should pass the following — grab attention, a few sentences to add value and ultimately call-to-action. If your supportive sentences do not spark the interest of the viewer, they may scroll to another post and you will remain with poor traffic and few customers. The best attention grabbers are normally intrinsic questions or even statistics that may make the reader want to know more. The call-to-action part serves a simple function which is connecting the Facebook user with your website or contact form to facilitate more information or purchase channels.

Do You Do Retargeting?

Most business running their ads online may not really understand retargeting. Retargeting is when you run special ads to a group of people that had shown interest in the first ad but not made any purchases. Tracking can help you gather data of the Facebook users to retarget the ad to. It is actually 2% of Facebook users that make a purchase after the first sight of an ad online, the other 98% make their purchases after viewing retargeted ads for some time.

Work With a Reasonable Budget

Different ad campaigns require varying amounts of budget. Since Facebook is a money-motivated platform, the bigger the budget the better your ads are and the better the results. The budget amount differs from company to company as resources and cost of products have to be considered. The least budget per day for an ad run should be about $5 but remember the more your expenditure is the better off you are as a business.


Ritu from PageTraffic is a qualified Google Ads Professional and Content Head at PageTraffic. She has been the spear head for many successful Search Marketing Campaigns and currently oversees Content Marketing operations of PageTraffic in India.