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Content Marketing

What does data science have to do with content marketing?

Content marketers must stay informed about the latest trends and technologies as content marketing evolves. Although data science is a discipline that is always top of mind for content marketers, they may need a comprehensive understanding. Data science is an important field that is growing in importance, and it has a lot to offer content marketers. How can data science be used to improve the content? Content marketers must familiarize themselves with data science as AI becomes more prevalent. Data science will continue to play an important role in content marketing. This technology is just one of the ways that data science is reshaping content marketing.

5 AI tools every content marketing pro should use today

According to a new report, the global artificial intelligence (AI) market value in marketing is expected to reach $546 billion by 2024. There are currently AI tools available to address just about any marketing need. The study suggests that these tools will continue to grow and provide additional value to marketers and small business owners in the future. Using AI tools is just one way to help optimize your content marketing workflow. The more tools you plug into your workflow, the easier it will be to create great content and deliver it on time. Remember the tools shared here as you build your next piece of content, and see what value they can bring to the table.


Don’t Make SEO the Reason for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Many businesses started their content marketing programs because they believed it would help them rank higher for organic search results. They hoped that when their target audiences searched for potential solutions to their needs and want, they would find the brand’s wide range of content and believe that the brand provided the most value. Many businesses, unfortunately, discovered that a foundation built on being “found” in search required them to produce content to chase traffic. As a result, they were forced to create content designed to rank rather than content intended to lead, amuse, or inform.

The Top 6 SEO Metrics Clients Really Want To See

One of the most popular branches of online marketing today is SEO. And there’s a good reason for that – it continues to produce great results with an incredible ROI, especially compared to paid media campaigns which can be expensive! With the growth of SEO, many businesses became interested in using this to grow their companies. With that interest came a challenge for agencies… How do you present your client’s work, and which metrics should they showcase? We’ve worked with hundreds of agencies and know precisely what SEO metrics they seek to prove to their clients that they are delivering the desired results.

The Fusion of Data Science and Technical SEO

There has never been much data stored, collected, and analyzed in history. According to IDC, the data revolution is still underway. According to a recent report, by 2025, the world will generate 175 zettabytes of data—more than double the amount produced this year. However, a large quantity of data is of little value unless one understands its significance. Modern businesses must adopt the tools necessary to effectively process complex information. Business leaders should assess their company’s current technological infrastructure and seek out tools that convert data into meaningful insights. After all, why would we collect huge amounts of meaningless data? Marketers can mishandle data, which can be a significant advantage. A common data mistake is focusing on the wrong KPIs, excluding backend data, or ignoring the significance of the offline activity.

Social Media

7 Benefits of Social Media for Inbound Marketing

You can use social media to create a human-centric, inbound marketing experience. Businesses best utilize this advantage focused on building long-term relationships with their customers and providing them with valuable content throughout the process! Outbound marketing is a thing of the past, but inbound strategies are the future. Outdated and ineffective as it may be for driving sales- companies want their message to reach more than just prospective customers; they also aim at building relationships with people who might need what you offer! The old ways of doing business are being phased out in today’s digital landscape. Inbound marketing provides an alternative that empowers customers and develops long-term relationships, rather than trying to sell them hard on your product or services simultaneously.

Instagram Strategy Audit: How to Renew Your Results

It’s very easy to get caught up in the moment when it comes to social media marketing. We love coming out with new posts and campaigns, but sometimes you must go back to your past successes so they can help guide future ones! Looking back on your past work to see what has been successful for you. Examining the content created can help understand where there might be room for improvement or new ideas about how things could go better next time! You can always do more to target your audience and create an offer to entice them off social media into a sale! Your Instagram strategy should be evolving, never finished.

Email Marketing

6 email metrics to help reach marketing goals and make business decisions

It is important to measure the success of your marketing campaign by checking key performance indicators like clicks and opens. These metrics can give you a good idea of how successful each phase was in getting people on board with what you’re selling, but many other factors also matter! “It’s not just about getting those easy-access metrics available in your email service provider’s dashboard,” said Kath Pay, founder, and CEO of boutique consultancy Holistic Email Marketing, at The MarTech Conference. “Business-oriented ones can help you identify whether or not we’re moving the needle for our business.”

7 Tips On How to Use Shopify Email Marketing

Shopify provides a package for sellers that includes everything you need to set up an online store. It offers user-friendly policies, easy configuration options, and integrations with other software tools so your business can grow easily without much hassle on the part of managers or developers within their company – not to mention how many apps are available just waiting in wait at hand! Why use email marketing on Shopify? With over 2 million active users and 50,000+ shops based in 175 countries around the world, you’re bound to find someone who needs what your company has going for it. The best part is that this article will explain how easy-to-get started making money through email!

Link Building

Link Building for Local SEO: 7 Simple Strategies

Consumers want to connect with local businesses. The number of people using Google for searches about places near them has increased by 500% over the last five years, and 81 percent did so in 2021 alone! You can only hope to reach local consumers if they find your business online. You need to propel the top of relevant search rankings with content that will interest them and keep their attention! Link building is essential to any SEO campaign and can take many forms. With the rise in online competition, it’s more important than ever to ensure your site has enough quality backlinks so that Google knows about all its great features!


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