Here we come again with our list of this week’s best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing, and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 28th February 2020!

Content Marketing

Your Whole Website is Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Any website is the information architecture that makes up your user flows and entire navigation. This determines your content marketing success. You could be losing a lot on your potential traffic and conversion if your website’s navigational system doesn’t make sense. It needs the hook, strategy, and optimization to make it all prepared for inbound traffic and user engagement. This post by Brandon Andersen talks about why your website is a part of your content marketing strategy and the ways to optimize it.

Marketers Embrace AI for Content Creation and Creative Inspiration

The ways technology can be tamed for marketing purposes has beginning to take shape after the research group OpenAI was introduced last year. After a year of experimentation, marketers have started to embrace AI for creative content creation. It is still nascent. But, projects like this provide us with a glimpse into the future where humans might work hand-in-hand with AI for creating copywriting and other forms of content. Read this post by Patrick Kulp to know more about AI for content creation and creative inspiration.


How to Use SEO Tools to Qualify Sites Before the Pitch (for Non-Link Builders)

Link building is considered a powerful SEO tactic. But, does that mean you can secure a link from any random site? It’s a clear no! Google will never reward your efforts until you have the type of links to your site that signal authority. But, the entire process of link building can seem a little overwhelming and time-consuming as there could be innumerable sites showing relevancy to your content. So, Chris Giarratana post discusses the SEO tools to use to make sure people don’t waste time on irrelevant sites and reach out to the right people with the right content.

A Guide To Product Page SEO

Coming across a specific store online isn’t as simple as it is in real life. So, product page SEO is an important aspect of your SEO strategy if you’re starting to sell your products online. Since your customers can’t physically handle and closely inspect the products; you need to have the right factors on your product page to help them out finding the best product. Read this Sean Si post that discusses the ways to optimize your product page for SEO.

How to Block Part of a Page From Indexing By Search Engines

Your website consists of chunks of text segments. But, not all those segments are necessarily significant for your readers. Some of your website’s content can be duplicate and irrelevant. So, it might lead your website downward on the search result ranking page. This isn’t an ideal step to follow as the SEO-friendly segment of your website might get overlooked in that way. This Navneet Kaushal post talks about how you can block those particular segments of web pages that you don’t want search engines to index and boost the ranking.

Social Media Marketing

How to get your social media marketing right

In today’s world, having a social media account that sits dormant is of no worth. You can never attract your customers to interact with your business in this way. Presently, over a 50million businesses use social media platforms to stay connected with their customers. Most of them have multiple accounts with limited follower counts. But, having a social media account isn’t worthwhile until you know how to do social media marketing. Read this post by Debora Marcus to know more about the tips on getting your social media marketing right.

How to automate social media marketing

As many people are adapting to smartphones and internet-connected devices, both mobile marketing and social media marketing have grown up together. With this increasing popularity, marketers have turned to automation for social media marketing to manage their social media presence. But, there’s a huge overlap between mobile marketing and social media marketing as the majority of people access their social media platforms via smartphones. This Anthony Lee’s post talks about how you can automate social media marketing for the best results.

Email Marketing

How to A/B Test Your Email Marketing Program

A/B test is known as the split testing process. It shows two versions of the same email to different segments of your target customer base and tracks the result. But, you have to make both the segments similar to ensure fairness and accuracy in your result. It’s the smartest way to optimize your email marketing program and improve the email marketing metrics. This post by Will Pearson discusses the tips to better understand the process.

7 Ways To Engage Donors in an Email Newsletter

Email marketing is undoubtedly the best channel for non-profit organizations. This sector alone has seen a 40% YoY growth in send volume in March 2020. But, attracting donors and keeping them engaged, especially during challenging times, seem daunting. Read the actionable tips by Campaign Monitor to explore the ways to engage your donors and increase their interest in a donation.

Link Building

The Dos and Don’ts of Link-Building and Driving Traffic (Beyond SEO Tricks)

One of the ways how search engine evaluates the usefulness of your site’s content is by checking the number of links from other quality websites. So, getting links from high-quality websites is crucial for your website SEO. But, the process of link building is overwhelming. Read this post by Phil Frost to understand the dos and don’ts of link building, establishing authority on search engines, and driving traffic to your website.


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