Here we come again with our list of this week’s best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.                               

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 28th February 2020!

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Personalization Strategies to Make Customers Love You

Most of the time, delivering the right message to the right person at the right time is tricky. Content personalization is a strategy that depends on visitor data to provide relevant content based on audience interests and motivations. It ranges from a highly targeted call to action to a revolving landing page based on geographic or industry-specific segments. Read out this post by Michael Brenner that shares some essential content marketing personalization strategies to make customers love you.

7 Reasons Why you Need a Strong Content Marketing Strategy

Developing a content marketing plan is not something you can do in a couple of days. Crafting a content marketing strategy without doing your due diligence is bound to fail. It improves your SEO, adds credibility to your business, drives sales, builds brand authority and more. In this post, Syed Balkhi shares some reasons why companies need to develop a strong content marketing strategy.


How to Use a Free SERP Checker to Monitor SEO Keywords

One of the crucial SEO elements is picking the right keyword via Keyword research, making them rank high and track the keyword position in search. SEO professional must check their Google keyword ranking for target keywords. Zutrix pricing plans depends mainly on how many keywords you want to track. To know more, check this post written by Zac Johnson that tells how to use a free SERP checker to monitor SEO keywords. 

Expert Local SEO Predictions for 2021

Do you want to know what will search marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) look like in 2021? According to expert Tim Capper “I predicted that spam would get worse for 2020 and, boy, was I right.” Many of us have not seen the back of spam, but some of our experts did successfully predict some major GMB news. Check out this informative post by Stephanie Newton to know more about expert local predictions for 2021.

How Niche SEO is Changing the Entire Landscape of Digital Marketing 

 Today almost every business has its presence online. If you want to keep up with the race, it is essential to make your presence felt in the web-sphere and top of all; it is also essential to keep up with the ever-changing phenomenon. You need a digital marketing agency because it improves your website’s rank and increases brand awareness, customer loyalty, and showcase your business as an authority in its respective market. Read this post to learn more about the changing landscape of digital marketing. 

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Trends to Consider in Your 2021 Marketing Strategy

Do you want to know the most important social media trends in 2021 for brands and businesses? In 2021, marketers can drive quick bursts of ROI from new customers by using social ads. But they also need to offer online social experiences that help build relationships and brand loyalty. Check out this post by Pierre DeBois that highlights which social media trends to consider in your 2021 marketing strategy. 

The Top 5 Video Marketing Trends on Social Media in 2021

We cannot imagine a marketing strategy without some kind of video in the mix. An animation is a form of video that is more eye-catching than non-animated content on social medial. The time when an animated video pops up, it is automatically differentiated. To explore more about video marketing trends on social media in 2021, read this post by Adi Domocos.

Email Marketing

8 Automated Email Marketing Messages You Should Be Using 

Email marketing is the most effective marketing tactics available to businesses today. But the power of email marketing increases exponentially when you automatically send targeted messages based on particular customer behaviors rather than doing it manually. According to experts, welcome emails are 86 percent more effective than a run of the mill email newsletter and boast an open rate of around 91.43 percent on average. In this post, MailBakery talks about automated email marketing messages you should be using. 

How Email Verification and List Cleaning Improves Your Email Campaigns

Email Verification is verifying an email address valid and improving the odds that it belongs to a real person. The purpose of email verification is to make sure that a real person with a valid email address will receive and interact with the sent email. It also provides valuable insight into the emails on your list. Check this post by Emily Jack to know how email verification and list cleaning improves your email campaign. 

Link Building

Essential Tips for Hacking SEO Backlinks

Link building is the backbone of SEO and without high-quality backlinks, there won’t be organic traffic. Content that answers questions is effective and valuable: posts discussing the “what” or “why” can get 26% more links than videos. Long-form content also has the capability to gets more shares than short articles do. Read this post by Brian Wallace to know essential tips for hacking SEO backlinks. 


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