Here we come again with our list of this week’s best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing, and link building. Take a look at them; we are sure you will love going through them.

Content Marketing

Unlocking the Power of Curated Content for Your Business

Curated content is one of the most powerful tools available to marketers today. For business owners looking to leverage this powerful tool, unlocking the power of curated content is a must. Mark Schaefer’s post provides insights and action items that can help anyone get started with this process quickly and effectively. Whether sharing powerful posts created by influencers or transforming existing content into new mediums, understanding how to leverage existing material best is essential for creating evergreen content and gaining trust in your customers’ eyes. With the insights and resources offered through Mark Schaefer’s post, any business owner can unlock the power of curated content and take their marketing efforts to the next level.

7 Types of Content Your Website Needs in 2023 (+ Examples)

Content Marketing is an increasingly integral part of digital marketing in 2023, and it is easy to understand why. With almost all marketers actively participating in content marketing, any brand that refrains from doing so gives itself an instant disadvantage. Similarly, with customers consuming multiple pieces of content before committing to a brand, the importance of quality content cannot be overstated. As such, Websites 4 Small Business recently posted about the seven types of content your website needs in 2023. This post provides great insight into which types of content will be essential for businesses to market their products or services going forward effectively. Knowledge of these seven pieces can give a fresh outlook and valuable strategic advantage for anyone looking to stay competitive in digital marketing.


What Do SEO Agencies Do? (And Tips For Choosing One)

Hiring an SEO agency can be invaluable if you want to increase your online presence. SEO agencies optimize a website for visibility on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. When implemented effectively, SEO comprises various components that can help improve website rankings and attract more relevant visitors from organic traffic sources. A good SEO agency will have experience with marketing strategies utilizing on-site and off-site techniques such as keyword research and analysis, content copywriting, and link building. They should also have ways to track progress made to measure the success of those changes. Let’s check the post on what SEO agencies do and tips for choosing one for your business by Chris Hanes.

18 Best Free SEO Tools for Bloggers in 2023

Investing in expensive SEO tools isn’t always feasible when you’re a new blogger ready to launch your website. Fortunately, today there are options! Quality free SEO tools for bloggers allow ambitious content creators to drastically improve their blog posts and optimize them for search engine ranking without spending a dime. Many of these free solutions don’t yet offer all the insight and functionality presented by more complex (and costly) premium tools – but they can still provide an invaluable boost even when the budget is limited. Check the post on the best free SEO tools for bloggers in 2023 by Ryan Robinson.

AI Won’t Kill SEO, But Plan Anyway

Experienced marketers have cited many reasonable concerns about the impact of AI-driven search engines, and these fears cannot be swept aside or ignored. While organic search traffic may be impacted somehow, this should not put businesses into a panicked state of mind. On the other hand, it is worth acknowledging that ChatGPT and a growing number of AI algorithms are becoming more popular each year, and they will only become more prominent in the world of query searches as time passes. This advance in technology will affect today’s websites, but how exactly remains to be seen? Let’s get into more detail on AI won’t kill SEO by Armando Roggio.

Social Media

How is AI Used in Social Media Marketing? 4 Use Cases

AI-driven tools help social media marketers save time and effort by automating essential tasks to boost their reach and amplify content. AI helps businesses understand what content resonates with their target demographics, suggesting topics to promote that might otherwise be overlooked. As a result, companies get a greater ROI from their social media efforts by producing content with a wider organic reach; they also have quick access to detailed audience metrics like age, gender, and interests, which can generate better insights into customer preferences. Additionally, AI supports influencer marketing campaigns and market research, benchmarking, and trend analysis initiatives — all of which are key components to effective social media marketing. Check the post by Denisa Larnaj on what AI is, its benefits, and four use AI cases.

Why Small Businesses Should Work Twice as Hard to Crush it on Social Media

Small companies often struggle more than larger firms to get their content seen and heard on social media platforms. Fortunately, one thing small business owners have in their arsenal is the ability to work harder. Working twice as hard means researching relevant topics and hashtags trending in the industry, partnering with influencers to promote their message, and dedicating more resources towards creating top-notch content that draws consumers in. When done strategically, it can not only help to boost brand exposure but ultimately result in increased revenue. Therefore, small businesses should look at working twice as hard on social media as an investment that pays off long-term dividends rather than a tedious task. Let’s learn more about why small businesses should work hard on social media by Roy Dekel.

Email Marketing

10 Reasons Why Your Email Go to Spam/Junk Folder

You are not alone if you often wonder why your important emails land in the dreaded spam or junk folder. Over 75 percent of businesses reported that their legitimate emails often didn’t reach their intended recipients due to automated filters marking them as spam, according to Unspam. There are ten primary reasons why many emails are incorrectly identified and sent to the wrong folder. From using excessively large image files to containing spelling mistakes and incorrect formatting, the list is long and full of varied causes. Knowing what can trigger spam filters is crucial for increasing deliverability rates to desired inboxes and subsequently boosting communication success. Check out Unspam’s post on 10 Reasons Why Your Email Go to Spam/Junk Folder today, so you can begin sending effective messages without worry!

4 Emails That Customers Will Love And Help Them Love You

Every step towards creating an effective email is rewarding because it gives the impression that your brand cares about communicating with its customers. Sending helpful emails to customers allows them to develop an attachment to your brand and could be the incentive they need when making a purchase. By learning ways to craft helpful emails, you can show your commitment and become the one-stop shop for all your needs. A way to learn how to do this is by checking out Kath Pay’s post about four emails that customers will love. Her personal experiences demonstrate how genuinely engaging with customers via email can help brands boost customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Link Building

International Link Building: 9 Aspects That Might Surprise You

Connecting to English content is often seen as a key element in SEO strategies globally, yet there is much knowledge we may be missing regarding how best to build links in non-English markets. Much of this understanding relates to specifics in each country, such as language and culture. Some SEO tactics that work well online in one country may not necessarily yield the same results elsewhere because of different consumer habits and preferences. That makes it even more important for global organizations to explore hyperlocal opportunities that allow them to gain an edge over their competition by using strategic link-building. Knowing what works best within certain countries can help companies better understand how to maximize their international search visibility. Check the post on International Link Building by Michal Pecanek.


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