Here we come again with our list of this week’s best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 28th February 2020!

 Content Marketing

How to Do Ecommerce Content Marketing Right

Choosing the right content to drive traffic and conversions is one of the most important tasks for an e-commerce business. Content marketing can be a great way to engage with potential customers, increase brand awareness, and show off your products or services in action. Before you can create content that resonates with your customer’s needs, wants, and personalities, it is vital to know who they are. Read this post by Matt Shealy that shares ideas on how to do e-commerce content marketing.

13 Best Free SEO Content Readability Checker Tools Online

We all know how important it is to have a website that ranks well on search engines. That’s why there are free tools to make sure your content has been optimized for easy readability and understanding by both humans and robots alike. If you want to make your writings more readable, then the Hemingway App can help. You just need to plug in all of your text, and it will provide a report on how easy or difficult it is for readers. Read this post by Micah Phillips that shares the 13 best free SEO content readability checker tools online. 


A Data-Driven Strategy for Optimizing Location Pages to Rank in Google

As a search engine, Google is constantly evolving. The algorithm for ranking pages in the SERPs gives priority to those most relevant and recent–and this can be tough when your website’s content changes over time. You need to create content unique to each local page. This Hanzel Carcamo post outlines some of the ways you might use data-driven strategy to optimize location pages on your site, so they rank well with Google. 

8 Simple YouTube SEO Tips to Rank Your Videos Higher in Search 

Ever wonder how some YouTube videos seem to automatically show up on the first page of Google searches for just about anything? There are many strategies. Create content with relevant keywords, so people searching on related topics will easily find it. This means adding them to the title of the video and any other tags or descriptions associated with it. This post by Ellie Buckle shares some YouTube SEO tips that will rank your videos higher in search. 

Local SEO Best Practices for B2B Marketing to Take Your Company Forward

SEO is an integral part of any business, but it can be difficult to get right. Fortunately for you, numerous local SEO best practices will make your company shine in the digital world and take them forward with ease. You should build a brand reputation through online reviews. Building a localized backlink portfolio is the next powerful way to give your B2B company an SEO boost in the local market. This post by Raul Harman will provide a few important tips on optimizing your SEO efforts and achieving higher rankings for local B2B marketing.

Social Media Marketing

7 Ways to Improve Facebook Lead Ads

Lead Generation ads use the Facebook platform to collect leads. These forms of advertising are designed to help your business succeed by collecting information about potential customers and permitting you to market directly with them. The importance of building trust among your customers cannot be overstated. As a marketer, you want to provide prospects with the right information that will make them confident in buying from your brand. Read this post by Anna Sonnenberg to know some ways to improve Facebook lead ads.

12 Best Social Media Management Tools to Manage Your Business

Social media management tools are revolutionizing the way people interact with businesses, brands and organizations. Agorapulse is the leading social media management tool on the market. With it, you can control all of your networks from just one interface and keep track of what’s happening in real-time without ever having to leave Agorapulse. This post by Emmanuel Ekokotu tells the 12 best social media management tools that can manage your business. 

Email Marketing

You Don’t Have an Email Marketing Strategy: Here’s How to Make One

Emails are an efficient and cost-effective form of digital marketing. They allow for instant communication with your customers, which is vital in today’s fast-paced world. In order to stay on top of their game in the world where email marketing is king, companies need to keep up with trends. Read this post by Mark de Grasseto know how to create an email marketing strategy. 

Bulk Email Marketing Tips

Does your company rely on email marketing? If so, you need to know about the latest best practices in this field. Email is a practical way of reaching your customers when you need to send messages from anywhere. This idea was proven successful during pandemic restrictions to communicate and engage with the community across various channels. This post by Andy Sowards shares bulk email marketing tips. 

 Link Building

How to Build a Strong Backlink Profile?

Building a strong backlink profile is the secret to ranking in Google’s search engine. Every time you build one, your website will climb higher and be more visible than before. Backlinks are crucial for SEO and should be considered as a vital ranking factor. They send search engines all the proper signals to help rank your content higher, showing that people find what you have written or created interesting enough to share with others. Read this post to know how to build a strong backlink profile.


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