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Content Marketing

How Content Marketing Fits Into Web 3.0 (You Might Be Surprised)

Web 3 is a modern edition of the internet that is decentralized and serverless. An internet in which users have complete control over their data, identity, and fate. It employs decentralised protocols and cryptographic approaches to protect, benefit, and keep the ecosystem stable and resilient. Conventional brands, direct marketing and advertising, have more in common with Web 3.0 than the traditional brand, direct marketing and advertising. In fact, Web 3.0 may be considered the next step in the evolution of content marketing. Want to know more? This post written by Robert rose is here to tell you how content marketing fits into web 3.0!

What Video Marketers Should Know About Creating Diverse and Inclusive Content

Many marketers are up against legacy systems and methods that have been in use for years, if not decades, or longer. What can businesses and digital marketers do right now to get started with DEI content strategies? The Diversity in Video Report was issued by Dana Mando, a rapid video creation startup, to assist organisations and marketers in implementing effective DEI content strategies. We were able to see how the DEI environment in video marketing has developed over the last four years and establish what the important takeaways are for businesses now by doing a quantitative and qualitative market study. So, without any further ado, let’s have a look at what video marketers should know about creating diverse and inclusive content.


4 Harmful SEO Misconceptions

Organic search, according to nearly half of marketers, provides the best returns of any channel. The marketing tactic responsible for that accomplishment is search engine optimisation (SEO). Despite its efficacy, there are still a lot of misconceptions regarding SEO.

To get the most out of this technique, you must abandon obsolete beliefs and tactics. Knowing the most prevalent SEO fallacies will allow you to concentrate on the aspects of SEO that will benefit your company in the long term. So, let us have a look at this post by Boris Wartenberg and get to know four common SEO misconceptions.

Local SEO For Retailers: How To Reach A Ready-To-Buy Audience

Retail SEO aids brick-and-mortar businesses in gaining internet visibility in a certain geographic area. The company’s ultimate goal is to boost omnichannel sales by converting more internet searches into in-store visits. More in-store visits result in higher sales revenue, and in today’s retail environment, it’s critical to ensure that consumers can find your business simply.

Shoppers are constantly on the lookout for items and services in their immediate vicinity. However, enhancing your internet presence for your local target audience entails more than just updating your own site. We’ll go over this post by Carolina Simões and get to know why local SEO is vital for retail and how to develop a local SEO strategy for your company.

SEO Best Practices for eCommerce Product Pages: How to Optimise

When it comes to product detail pages, you can’t just focus on high-volume keywords if you want to be a success in eCommerce search engine optimisation (PDPs). For clients like Simm’s Fishing, high-volume terms like “fishing gear” may appear to be important targets (and they are, on other web pages). You’ll need to go more particular — with long-tail keywords — if you want to get organic traffic that converts. Still getting confused? This post by Lindsay Haskell is here to tell you all about SEO best practices for eCommerce product pages.

Social Media

What is the Best Time to Post on Facebook

Managing a company Facebook account differs significantly from managing a personal Facebook account. You have a dedicated Facebook company page, and you publish postings that you think your followers would find interesting. Some of your posts will promote your company and its products. However, unless you pay for Facebook advertising, keeping your business visible on Facebook might be difficult. Posting at the optimal times on Facebook is one of the most effective methods. So, without wasting any more time, let’s have a look at this post by Navneet Kaushal on what is the best time to post on Facebook!

How to Prove Social Media ROI Without Drowning in Spreadsheets

You’ll be asked this one question whether you’re the brand manager for a product or an agency with several social media clients: What’s our social media ROI? When your supervisor or client asks for the return on investment (ROI), they’re asking for an answer to the question, “What am I receiving back for the money I spent on you and your social media channels?” Don’t worry if this inquiry has you hurriedly scanning for answers. We’ll look at a few different methods listed by Jeff Bullas for demonstrating your social media ROI fast and easily.

Email Marketing

How to Use AI Copywriting Tools to Level Up Your Email Marketing 

Email marketing is an excellent approach to nurture leads and keep them interested in your products or services. If your email copy, on the other hand, is uninteresting, you risk turning your audience off to your drip marketing efforts and having them ignore your outreach or unsubscribe from your programmes. Fortunately, AI copywriting tools come to the rescue in this situation. Artificial intelligence is used by these solutions to develop high-quality email marketing content for you quickly and in a matter of seconds. Want to know how to use these tools to your benefit? This post from Benchmark tell you all about it.

10 Ways to Send an Email in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

As you become more acquainted with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you will notice that there are several ways to accomplish the same result. A good example is sending emails through Marketing Cloud. Even experienced users can find it difficult to choose between the available options, but you’re in for a treat because we will guide you through and help you with the best method to choose from.

Email marketing is at the heart of this platform, serving as the foundation upon which the Marketing Cloud product is built. You can configure and trigger emails from various parts of the platform, such as Email Studio and Journey Builder, depending on what you have access to. Let’s take a look at each of them with this post by Oana Munteanu individually.

Link Building

Facebook Backlinks for SEO (Complete Link Building Guide)

Facebook is one of the most powerful platforms with over 2.9 billion active users in today’s date! It can help you drive more high-quality traffic while also increasing the organic and rakings of your content for SEO purposes. The ultimate goal of this guide written by Stephen Hockman is to provide you with a comprehensive Facebook link building guide that covers all of the different ways you can build backlinks on a social media website.


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