Here we come again with our list of this week’s best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing, and link building. Take a look at them, and we are sure you will love going through them.

Content Marketing

For Better Content Marketing, Listen First, Create Last [Rose-Colored Glasses]

It’s usual in marketing to build campaigns that sound tempting but don’t resonate with customers. We believe we have figured out why they should buy. We send out messages through a variety of methods. We invest tens of thousands of dollars and hours designing unique advertisements, stunning websites, and fantastic-sounding email campaigns. Why don’t they function properly? We are perplexed. We need to go back to the basics. We must devote our intention, time, and effort to consulting the experts. True professionals: Customers are the ones who pay money. The second best option is to talk to the people closest to customers – the firms on the front lines of customer service. In this post, Rober Rose wants to share with you an underappreciated ability that might help you sell your business more effectively. Active Listening!

How to Perfect Your Startup’s Content Marketing Strategy

So, you’ve launched your new business and are ready to soar above your opponents’ defences. But hold on a second, have you looked at your content marketing strategy? As a startup, it’s important to be aware of the policies your competitors are enacting so you can devise a strategy and rise above the competition. As time and exposure have demonstrated, traditional historical procedures no longer offer a preferable result. Why? Consumers do not want to be bombarded with useless advertisements from businesses that resemble masquerades. They want to conduct research in order to find a solution to their concerns. This is when content marketing takes the bull by the horns. This post by Success Olagboys is briefly going to discuss how to perfect your startup’s content marketing strategy and be the best in the game!


Entity SEO – A Comprehensive Guide to SEO Entity

Entity-based SEO is a new field with a lot of potentials, but it still needs to build strong methodologies.

This post by Navneet Kaushal will teach you why entities are important for increasing the effectiveness of your SEO efforts, as well as how to utilize entities to improve on-page SEO, consolidate a site’s architecture, and increase visitor acquisition techniques. 

How Does User Experience Help SEO?

The three underlying components of SEO are developing quality content, acquiring relevant backlinks, and providing an optimal user experience. The importance and necessity of user experience (UX) as a crucial factor of Google’s ranking algorithms are, nevertheless, overlooked by most SEO practices. Link-building and content optimization are important, but they are insufficient on their own. To maintain consistently high ranks, all three components must function together. Wish to know more? This post by John Koinange is here to tell you how does user experience help SEO!

What is Crawl Budget & Why Does it Matter for SEO? 

Web crawlers, spiders, and Googlebot are all familiar terms, but did you realize that these crawlers have limitations on what they can and cannot crawl on a website? Click on the post written by Sara Niemiec and continue reading to understand more about this crucial SEO budget. 

Social Media

How to Promote Your Business on Social Media With Results?

 Campaigning on social media is effective — there is no doubt about it. Only a few brands, however, are able to execute it correctly, while others simply waste time and money without generating significant revenues. How can successful brands effectively promote their businesses online? This post by Doug Brown is here to tell you all about it!

How Often Should You Post on Social Media

“How often should I post to social media?” is the question that has kept a thousand people awake at night. Of course, there’s a lot more to a successful social media strategy than simply publishing the right amount of times: let’s be clear: it’s not a magic formula. Even yet, there’s a lot of pressure to reach that frequency sweet spot. You don’t want to irritate your fans or appear to be flooding their news stream. You also don’t wish to be overlooked or miss out on any of the possibilities. But how much is excessive? What is the limit of how little is too little? This post by Kristina Leroux is here to tell you all about it!

Email Marketing

Send Your Clients A Birthday Email That’s Sure to Get Engagement

Birthdays may be a lot of fun to commemorate. They’re like our own little holidays, with everyone wishing us a happy birthday, staff singing and bringing us free desserts, and our social media feeds flooded with good wishes and cute memes. It’s also entertaining to watch the birthday offers to arrive. Is it possible to get a free dinner at our favourite restaurant? Please accept my request. Free ice cream at the city’s greatest ice cream shop? It’s fine if I do. Receiving birthday greetings emails from your favourite businesses isn’t simply beneficial to you as a customer. It’s also beneficial to the company. Want to know more? This post by Sheryl Green is here to tell you all about it.

How to Effectively Use Gmail For Email Marketing

If you’re looking for a new email service provider, Gmail might not be your first choice. Individual email accounts are the primary focus of the platform, not marketing. Gmail, on the other hand, is extremely useful for small businesses looking to develop their email marketing because it is absolutely free. Check out these free email marketing tips by David Campbell if you’re using Gmail as your email provider.

Link Building

Does Link Building Still Work for SEO

Writing amazing content is certainly a requirement for any online business marketing because it will assist them in attracting the visitors they require to their website. It’s tough to make any sales, let alone keep consumers for a long time, without a lot of traffic. If you’ve tried, you’ll know what we are talking about. So, does link building still have value for SEO? Let’s get to know all about it in this post written by Steve Conway.


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