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Content Marketing

Do You Really Need To Measure Your Content’s Impact on Brand Value? [Rose-Colored Glasses]

According to our 2022 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Analysis, 80 percent of marketers claim their content marketing goal was “raising brand awareness.”

Surprisingly, “creating credibility and trust” is ranked second with 75%, “educating audiences” is ranked third with 70%, and “developing loyalty with existing clients/customers” is ranked sixth with 60%. These top four objectives are arguably all linked to brand value. It’s all about boosting the value of our brand, whether it’s through increased visibility and memory, deeper trust or affinity, difference through education, or added value to keep customers loyal. Why is it so difficult to assess brand value if it is such an important goal? Let’s get to know more about it by this post by Robert Rose.

The Ultimate Guide to User-Generated Content Marketing

User-generated content (UGC) is an invaluable resource for companies and organizations trying to expand their online presence. UGC is a cost-effective approach to sharing high-quality material that drives sales for your business – think of it as the social media equivalent of a word-of-mouth recommendation. In fact, user-generated content is trusted by 55 percent of customers more than any other kind of marketing, making it a proven way to increase sales and promote brand loyalty.

With this Ultimate Guide by Marko Ticak  In marketing, you can start using the power of user-generated content to promote your business. 


Technical SEO Issues: Common Reasons Why Your Website is Not Ranking on SERPs

The Holy Grail of internet marketing is found on the first page of search engines. Exposure, authority, more significant ROI, and so forth. The advantages are limitless. Unfortunately, getting to that position is a marathon that can stretch your patience to the limit. Here are some reasons by Navneet Kaushal why your website isn’t performing well on popular search engine results pages.

10 Major SEO Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

What are some of the most typical SEO blunders? And how can you stay away from them? Going all-in one SEO for online brands and organizations wanting to improve their search marketing results might be appealing, but it can also lead to poor results if done incorrectly. SEO is a strong tool that is simple to use but challenging to master. A well-implemented SEO strategy can greatly improve search traffic, yet, a poorly-implemented plan containing common errors can cause a site’s ranks to collapse. The SEO professionals at Radd Interactive are here to help, whether you’re trying to optimize your site for the first time or trying to figure out why your plan isn’t working. Read this post by Si Quan Ong for a list of the most common SEO blunders and top digital content production blunders.

How to Find Content Topics for SEO

One of the most effective ways to increase your website’s search engine rankings is to provide SEO-friendly content. This post by Armando Roggio is for you if you want to enhance SEO for your business or blog. People utilize search engines like Google and Bing to discover answers to their questions, as we are sure you’re aware. And in the results, those search engines return the greatest websites they can find.

As a result, the best strategy to get your content seen and boost the value of your website is to match it to relevant inquiries. Want to know more? Start reading this post below!

Social Media

8 Easy Social Media Marketing Tips for Introverts [+Best Apps]

It’s not easy to promote on social media, and it’s considerably more difficult for introverts. Introverts account for up to 50% of the population. Many introverts like social events but find them taxing; whereas an extrovert may get energy from being in a large group, introverts want time to recoup and recharge. This is a dilemma for introverted entrepreneurs and small business owners: How do they balance the need for social connection with the need to look after their mental health, especially now that social media is such an important part of brand building? This post by Ellie Mirman will provide you with eight simple strategies to help you enhance your social media marketing (without losing your mind) and four terrific tools to help you get the job in this article.

How to Manage a Social Media Crisis and Save Your Job: 9 Tips

Is your company ready to handle a social media crisis? A “crisis” is any occurrence that has a negative influence on your brand’s reputation, and they often strike with little or no warning. Effective crisis management can mean the difference between a few nasty remarks and a viral boycott, especially with social media flowing at a breakneck pace. So, if you want to deal with the crisis effectively and not lose your job, have a look at this post by Stacey McLachlan and Sarah Dawley and get to know nine tips today!

Email Marketing

What Is Targeted Email Marketing? Why It Works + 8 Best Practices

Email marketing solves your difficulties if you want to directly reach your consumers and prospects in a location they check at least once a day. Email marketing allows you to get in front of customers to motivate them to take action, raise brand awareness, and reach them where they are.

As long as you understand email marketing’s power and have the correct strategy in place, the possibilities for email marketing success are unlimited. We’ll answer all of your queries concerning small business email marketing in this post by Stephanie Heitman.

Don’t Be That Person With Email Marketing

Good agents understand how important it is to connect with their audience, keep them engaged, and deliver relevant content. Great agents use email marketing to cultivate their sphere of influence. There are specific dos and don’ts when it comes to email newsletters. It’s infuriating to spend time and effort on an email blast only to have it go unread. So, let’s get to know what this post by The Fathom Realty Team has for you today!

Link Building

Top 10 Best Backlink Checkers

Are you curious about the origins of your backlinks? Or look at the backlinks of a competitor? Backlinks can assist you in improving your search engine results and visitors. We’ll examine the finest backlink checker tools in this post by Andrew Chornyy so you can audit your site’s backlink profile as well as that of your competitors. 


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