Here we come again with our list of this week’s best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 28th February 2020!

Content Marketing


Content can create goodwill among your target customers, and position you as an authority in your field. Content marketing is not just about creating great contents; it’s about sale and ROI. First, you need to understand who you want to target and what you want to achieve from it so you can align your results with your desired goals. This will also help you determine your ROI. Read this post by Natashia Larkin to know how you can measure the ROI of your content marketing.

How to Leverage Interactive Content for Marketing

In today’s competitive world, everyone wants to beat their competition, attract more attention and sell more products or services. Interactive Content can help you achieve those goals. It allows you to gain new followers, boost engagement and develop brand awareness. Interactivity makes consumers a reason to stay on the page. It also encourages people to engage and share Content. Read this post by Haley Walden to know how to leverage interactive Content for marketing.


Why LSI Keywords are Crucial to SEO and Content Marketing

LSI Keywords helps to boost your website ranking in search engines. It categorizes keywords according to the determined context so it can make sense of what’s on a page. These keywords are usually the highlighted words and phrases in the search result descriptions and are considered the most relevant to the original keywords. However, there are many different ways that you can use these keywords to boost SEO traffic and Content marketing. Read this post by Ron Stefanski to know some reasons why LSI Keywords are crucial to SEO and Content marketing.

5 ways communicators can bolster SEO

Backlinks are essential to search engines because they are a signal that the site is linked to a source that has quality. It’s important to keep the focus on quality as you build links to your website. When you obtain high-quality backlinks that are relevant to your brand and target audience, it also increases search engine rankings for your chosen keywords. Read this post by Jo Spink to know some more ways how communicators can bolster SEO.

Creating Content: The Value of SEO and a Great Digital Presence

Without high-quality content, you can’t get the full benefits of SEO. Having relevant and useful content on your website motivates your website visitors to stay for longer, and this can positively impact your search rankings. When you create content, try to keep it short, use bullet points and white space more. A short and quality content provides a cognitive load on the reader’s brain. Read this post to know the value of SEO and a great digital presence.

Social Media Marketing

Social media handles: The complete guide

A social media handle is a public username used on social media accounts. Whether you plan to become a social media influencer or want to start a business, finding the right social media handle should be one of the first things you should do right. For example, if you are creating a handle for your Facebook Page, it must be at least five characters long which only contain letters, numbers and periods. Read this post by Jessica Barker to know more about Social media handles.

Quality Is Key: How To Improve Your Brand’s Social Media Streams

Quality content on social media platforms receives lots of engagement such as likes, shares and more chance that others will also engage with that content. Targeting the right people with your social media marketing is essential to gain results. Some businesses are now able to get quality data from their current social media accounts by taking e-learning courses on social media management approach. Read this post by Jessica Micmohen to know how you can improve your brand’s social media streams.

Email Marketing

How to Reduce Abandoned E-Commerce Carts With Email Marketing

Most people who create a cart on an eCommerce website don’t end up making the purchase. A recent survey shows that 45% of all cart abandonment emails are opened. The average abandoned cart email click-through rate is 21%, and the abandoned cart email conversion rate is around 10%. You can take this as an opportunity and win over a potential customer by sending them a reminder to complete their purchase. Read this informative post by Skye Schooley to know how to reduce abandoned E-Commerce carts with email marketing.

 19 Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses (Must Try)

Do you want to get good returns from your email marketing campaigns? Then you need to keep the registration process easy and straightforward. Do not ask too much information for registration; only name and email address are enough. Tell them about the benefits of registration and what incentives you are offering to them. Read this post to know more email marketing tips for small businesses.

Link Building

10 Link Building Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Link building is a technique of acquiring links for your website. A great way to build links is from community sites such as Quora and Reddit. Also, you can create ego bait content to build a link that involves mentioning a site or a specific person. Some websites mention you in their content, but they won’t link to your website so you can grab this as an opportunity to get a backlink. This is one of the great methods for beginners in building links. Read this post by Daniel Martin to explore some more Link building tips and tricks.  


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