Here we come again with our list of this week’s best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing, and link building. Take a look at them, and we are sure you will love going through them.

Content Marketing

How To Plan a Content ‘Season’ Like a Hollywood Showrunner [Rose-Colored Glasses]

Many content marketing teams struggle with this issue. The brand’s message may be unmistakable. The products’ value propositions and differentiators are quite obvious. The PR team is preparing news about new hiring, products, and collaborations while the agency is working out the creative components, and the marketing team is aware of its paid media calendar. However, the content staff has trouble coming up with ideas. If you are one of those, we are sure you will love to read this post by ROBERT ROSE!

The Complete Guide to Fintech Content Marketing

Money used to be the exclusive domain of banks. They were the only organizations that produced, tabulated, saved, traded, and moved money. But technology has broken down the barriers of tradition, and a new breed of challengers known as fintech is forcing people to rethink how they view the world of finance. This guide by Michael Brenner is for you if your business is one of those cutting-edge ones.


10 Top Tips To Help You Nail Pinterest SEO

Consider Pinterest again if you’ve written it off as a flimsy social networking platform or a graphic content aggregator. Pinterest is a potent content discovery engine that connects your company with online customers. It is crucial to understand how to use Pinterest SEO for this reason.

You can increase your visibility on Pinterest and significantly increase site traffic. According to their data, 75% of weekly Pinterest users believe they’re always buying. The platform is well-recognized for its continuous scrolling function. You can take advantage of this hungry audience, increase your brand’s visibility, and increase website traffic to increase sales with the correct SEO approach. Uncertain about where to begin? Don’t worry; this post by Sarah Israel has all you require to create and execute a successful Pinterest SEO strategy.

Top 15 Ahrefs Alternatives: Free & Paid to Use in 2022

Ahrefs is consistently ranked first when it comes to the greatest all-in-one SEO tools. It has many great tools, like a backlink checker, site explorer, and keyword explorer. They have millions of keyword records, making finding keywords in any niche simple. However, this post by Navneet Kaushal contains 15 of the greatest free and paid alternatives to Ahrefs if you’re looking for a few less expensive (or better) options. Let’s look at the list of the best Ahrefs rivals and alternatives for 2022.

How to run an SEO Test using

Want to run an SEO test with the help of the most reliable online tool? Well, we have got the right solution for you! being one of the best SEO tools, can help you get accurate results and speed up your performance by helping you know the weak areas in your campaign. If you have just been introduced to this tool and can’t get the right directions to use it, we are here for you! This post by Nick Swan will help you with everything. So, let’s get started!

Social Media

Free Social Media Marketing Tools

Planning to do more with social media but with less effort? It’s not just you. To enhance the effectiveness of your social media marketing effectiveness, look at this post by AgoraPulse and try one of these free tools that thousands of marketers and organizations already use!

30 Minutes A Day: Social Media Marketing for Busy People

The typical adult uses social media apps for 95 minutes every day. Social media is a marketing juggernaut that millions of creators utilize to share their work and establish lucrative enterprises, with just under four billion users across all platforms. Entrepreneurs and content producers are well aware of the potential of social media to grow their audience, raise brand awareness, and create leads.

However, social media marketing is time-consuming; let’s face it. In any case, it requires time to conduct audience research, develop content, and interact with followers. We provide this guide by Conner Carey as a remedy if any of this applies to you. Here’s how to use social media marketing to expand your company in just 30 minutes every day.

Email Marketing

10 Email Marketing Strategy Tips from G2’s Own Email Expert

You’ve utilized G2 to locate your company’s best email marketing strategy, and you may even have a collection of email addresses from prospective consumers eager to learn more about your company. To these recipients, you may have even sent a few emails, but what happens next? You elevate your campaign to the next level with a thoughtful email marketing approach!

The benefits of email marketing strategies, the top 10 factors to consider when developing your email marketing strategy, and a bonus knowledge sharing from firsthand experience creating email marketing strategies are all covered in this guide by Phil Newton for developing a successful email marketing strategy. So, let’s get started!

Is Your Email Marketing Software The Right One? 5-Point Assessment Guide

Research found that $1 spent on email marketing generates a profit of $36, which is a sizable return. Furthermore, 78% of marketers believe email marketing is essential for a company’s success. Why? The fact that email marketing is personalized, adaptable, and measurable is one of the reasons.

Your email marketing software can make all the difference when used for business growth. Where do you start, though, given the abundance of tools? You can select the ideal software for your company with the help of this five-point checklist written by Charlotte Evans.

Link Building

Creative Commons Image Link Building Strategy — Free Template

The following is a synopsis of Stacey MacNaught’s video interview with Authority Hacker. Today, we’ll focus on the part of the conversation where she discusses building links with Creative Commons photos. According to her, “this is my fave.” Also noteworthy is the fact that she has been doing this successfully for more than ten years! So, let’s take a look at what Steve Toth has minimized for you in this post today.


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