Here we come again with our list of this week’s best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 28th February 2020!

Content Marketing

Want Better Content? Make Sure Your Team Knows This TRUTH

Content marketing is a growing industry, and a key to succeeding in it lies in producing consistent, great content. Develop content that helps the audience learn how to do or deepen their understanding. Motivate your team to find a unique perspective that will make audiences care about the story as much as you do. Read this post by Melanie Deziel to know how to create better content.

How to Use Stats and Figures In Your Content to Increase Its Performance

Content marketing has been moving at the expeditiously in recent years. By including statistics in your content, you can earn natural backlinks. One of the best ways to include stats and figures into your content is to place them in your headings. Check out this post by Adam Blackford-Mills that highlights some ways on how to use stats and figures in your content to improve its performance.


Deep SEO Thoughts For 2021

SEO ranking factors have changed a lot over the years. Search engine optimization techniques that worked even five years ago won’t cut it today. Many brands have already set their SEO budgets for 2021, and it might be possible that 99% of them did not include building an in-studio ice rink for dancing skaters to help rank number one. Read this post by Andrew Shotland to gain some more insights about SEO.

Improve Your Local SEO For Optimum Success

Do you want to grow your organic traffic by 20-100%? To attain a good web positioning in your locality, you need to work on internal aspects. Always use the same and identical NAP (Name-Address-Phone) data on all the websites you register your business. After that, create a profile on Google My Business. In this post StrategyDriven shares some ideas by which you can improve your local SEO for optimum success.

eCommerce SEO Tips For 2021 

If you are running an online shop or planning to revamp it, you need to know eCommerce SEO tips. These days, the use of mobile phones influences our buying decision more than physical stores. So, to be more visible to your target viewers and get a high rank on the search engines, your eCommerce website must be mobile optimized. Read this post to know more about eCommerce SEO tips for 2021.

Social Media Marketing

New year, new ideas: How to nail your pitch for a social media marketing campaign

Social media has approached that interesting transition where it is moving from ubiquitous to invisible. A campaign’s new idea is the overarching message that underpins all the campaign elements to resonate with the target audience. This idea will need to be rooted in a piercing insight and linked to the campaign’s objectives to make sure it has maximum impact and relevance. Check out this post by Lauren Cover that talks about how to nail your pitch for a social media marketing campaign.

3 Social Media SEO Tactics To Maximize Search Rankings

 Do you want to know social media SEO tactics to maximize search rankings? In the first place, you should have a good idea of your current social efforts for defining social media SEO goals and processes. Measuring ROI is the most crucial metrics to look at concerning your current social media efforts. In this post, Matt Bertram shares some beneficial social media tactics to maximize search rankings. 

Email Marketing

Top 5 Best Practices For Your Email Marketing  

Email marketing serves as a primary component of customer acquisition programs for companies across all industries. Your major focus needs to be on how your business is managing customer data. If you want to reduce the chances of your emails being rejected, mandatorily use email authentication. It confirms your identity as a sender. Check this informative post that shares some of the best practices you can use for your email marketing.

How To Improve Email Marketing Analytics Accuracy And ROI Results 

There’s so much you can do to improve your email marketing accuracy and ROI results. Know about your customers, what are their problems, and how can you help them? When you know how to solve these problems, it will help you to make your email marketing campaign more relevant. Before sending the email ensures that the recipient is a potential customer for your product or service. Read this post to know essential tips to improve email marketing analytics accuracy and ROI results. 

Link Building

The Correlation Between Authoritative Links and Ranking [SEO Study]

Do you want to know the impact of links on rankings? Google uses numbers of factors to rank websites in search results, but links are the single most vital consideration. When a web page has lots of incoming links, Google sees this as a positive indicator of the page’s relevance and credibility. In this post, Eric Enge shares his views on the correlation between authoritative links and ranking.


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