Here we come again with our list of this week’s best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 13th July 2018

Content Marketing

Content Tips to Help Your Professional Services Business Stand 

According to John Jantsch, content is essentially the air of marketing these days without which business will fall behind. He writes, by making the content revolve around the prospect and not the business, one will be one step closer to turning them into a client. Read more.
The Missing Link in B2B Content Marketing

Amber Naslund writes, content is marketing. It’s everything we do, from the first impressions we have with an audience all the way through the experiences we give our customers after they’ve been with us for 20 years. According to Amber, the future of content marketing is big and bright, but it’s up to one to help it realize its full potential.


10 SEO Tips You Need To Get Your Business Ahead Of The Game

In this article on Visualmodo, 10 SEO tips are mentioned to get satisfactory results for the business. According to the article, it is important to ensure that you adhere to the guidelines put in place, violating them will only make your site to go down swinging, regardless of the efforts you have devoted to it.

Best SEO Tools List That Experts Recommend

In this article by marketinguniversity, many of the Best SEO Tools that exist on the market are mentioned which can help you formulate a decision. Go through the list to make the most out of it and take your business to greater heights.

What Can An SEO Audit Tell You About Your Site?

Alla writes, an SEO audit can provide you with an in-depth look at how your site is performing in search engines, providing you with a look at what’s working well and what will need improvement in the long run. According to Alla, no matter the industry, ensuring you have an effective SEO strategy will help to improve your online visibility, boosting your brand awareness, increasing conversions and driving revenue to enhance your bottom line

Social Media Marketing

22 Instagram Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner

Nikki Canning discusses the22 Instagram hacks and tips to help get more from the Instagram marketing. Go through the article to find easy to achieve Instagram hacks, tips, and tricks that could help you boost your profile and build the online community of your dream.

5 Bad Habits that Will Tank Your Social Media Marketing

Sonia Simone writes, social platforms are critical to content marketing and digital business. They help us find potential customers. According to Sonia, if  you don’t ever post something random or conversational, just because you feel like it, then your social media presence is just another collection of ads.

Email Marketing

Your Guide to Writing the World’s Best Email Subject Lines

Marijana Kay writes, writing your email subject line is a lot like choosing a book title. You have to get it right, or people may never open it no matter how fantastic the content is inside. Marijana has discussed about 7 subject line rules through which you’ll be able to optimize your open rates over time and come up with a formula that works extremely well with your audience.

3 Ecommerce Email Marketing Tips to Boost Your Sales

Ivan Widjaya says that From promotional emails to PPC ads, there are numerous ways you can go about while generating sales for your e-commerce business. He writes that the bottom line here is to build a list of subscribers and then experiment what works best for you. Read more.

Link Building

Top 10 Link Building Strategies For Local SEO

Aleksandra Pautaran discusses about the some powerful local link building strategies that he personally find essential for growing local business. By implementing at least some of the listed link building strategies that are mentioned in the article, one can grow his business immensely as well as earn lots of useful connections and authority in his area. Read more.


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