Here we come again with our list of this week’s best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 16th November 2018

Content Marketing

5 Practical Tips on the Craft of Copywriting

Copywriting gives consumers a peak into a brand and lets businesses show them why they are worth the consumers’ time. It is thus important to polish your copywriting skills to build a strong arsenal. Read the impressive blog post by Nick Usborne, in which he listed 5 best-kept writing tips and master the craft of copywriting.

Six Content Marketing Trends For 2019

The increasingly complex state of content management requires fine attention on creating and distributing valuable content. Read the informative article by Peter Boyd and learn about the 6 noteworthy trends, which are heading towards 2019, and get a heads-up in your business.


3 Tips for Better, Faster YouTube Keyword Research

Over the years, YouTube marketing has become an essential strategy for business owners and internet marketers. Taking YouTube keyword research into account can be really fruitful for your marketing strategies. If you do not have your hands on video SEO and keyword research, read the amazing tips and tricks shared by Brad Smith to pave the unique way that is easier for your customers to find you.

The Advanced Guide to Keyword Clustering

If you have always overlooked keyword grouping, you have been missing out on a massive organic traffic! Have a look at the latest blog post by Tom Casano and understand how grouping relevant keywords grows organic traffic and how it will bring a wealth of benefits to your SEO.

SEO Audits and Tools: The Good, The Better and The Best

Explore the levels of SEO audit listed in the intellectual article by Bruce Clay. In this article, he discusses about the issues that may hinder the ability of a website to be found over the internet. Also, he uncovers an impressive approaches to improve your website’s visibility, following an SEO audit.

Social Media Marketing

7 Social-Media Trends to Prepare for in 2019

Even if you are an online marketer who specializes in handling social media, it is impossible for you to grow audience engagement without keeping a track of the changing social media trends. Here are the 7 leading trends, as discussed by John hall, that are paving the way in 2019.

27 of the Most Effective Social Media Marketing Tools You Need in 2019

Stay ahead of the curve with a better understanding of the key trends and ever-changing social media engagements. In his recent article, Shane Barker listed 27 effective trends that will change the social media landscape. Have a look and improve your marketing strategies.

Email Marketing

Increased Email Click Might Not Be Due To Your Marketing Prowess

A high click-through rate is a good sign. It depicts that your email campaign is relevant. But are you sure that the link is clicked by a recipient and the reporting is accurate? Read the informative article by Kiersti Esparza and understand what you can do to alleviate malware and inaccurate reporting.

13 Common Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

There is no doubt that email marketing is a cost-effective way to reach your customers, drive results and enhance conversions. Yet email marketing blunders can cost you huge! In her recent blog post, Erika Taylor Montgomery listed 13 common mistakes that you should avoid!

Link Building

8 Most Dangerous Link Building Myths. How About Debunking Them?

Link building aims at increasing the search engine rankings of the page or website. But there exists a list of myths that can cause blunders to your SEO and ranking in SERPs. Read the article by Valerie Niechai, in which she discussed the 8 deadliest link building myths that are costing you search traffic, rankings and sales.


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