Here we come again with our list of this week’s best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Content Marketing

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Boring Content Marketing in 2020

Increase in competition, along with restrictions from social networking sites, is making content marketing tougher than before. Therefore, to generate traffic, leads and sales, it is essential to create interactive content. To stay ahead of your competitors and create a great impression on leaders, you need to end readers relevant content via your emails. In this article, Mitt Ray explains four ways through which you can upgrade your boring content this year.

Fix These Big Inefficiencies in Your Content Pipeline

Developing and distributing workflow isn’t a cakewalk; it may seem. Despite having a comprehensive production workflow, a multilayered, multi-step process can overload your content marketing team. This insightful article by Kimberly Zhang highlights the major inefficiencies which you need to fix in your content pipeline to get the best ROI.


Three SEO strategies that matter most in 2020

With the beginning of a new decade, it is quite amazing to look back at the way search has evolved in the last decade. Some major algorithm updates were made in 2019, and there are new search trends which are changing the SEOs need to optimise their campaigns. Have a look at this article by Dave Colgate to know about the SEO strategies which matter the most this year.

Top SEO Trends to Watch Out in 2020

Towards the year-end, Google launched a new algorithm which partially highlighted possible trends for 2020. If you want to follow upcoming trends to enhance your SEO ranking or stay ahead of your competitors, then read this informative article written by Navneet Kaushal.

The Top 5 Local SEO Ranking Factors In 2020

Local SEO is primarily of 2 types-ranking in local search result and ranking in the local map pack. Though both share numerous SEO ranking factors in common, proximity to the local map search is more important than local search result. Have a look at this article by Liam Barnes to know about local SEO ranking factors which will play a significant role in optimizing local search in 2020.

Social Media Marketing

7 Emerging Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch

There is no shortage of options in social media marketing. Marketers face numerous choices and challenges, like selecting which metrics to focus on to evaluate the success of their campaigns. In this article, Pierre DeBois highlights all emerging social media marketing trends to watch out for this year.

How To Build a Strong Brand on Social Media in 2020

Social media users are fed up of click-baiting ads and the content of brands and articles they are not familiar with. To build a strong brand, you will have to make people relate to it. In this article, Sinem Gunel shares some useful tips about how to build a strong brand on social media.

Email Marketing

The world’s inbox is full. It’s time to rethink email marketing.

In 2015, an iPhone user wrote a letter to Apple Support, stating that his email inbox had 4.3 million unread messages. A full mailbox is a problem faced by almost all individuals who use the internet. In this informative article, Jonathan Bean Sinch shares some useful tips for email marketing.

Not Using Landing Pages in Your Ecommerce Email Marketing? Here’s Why You Should

Have you tried to put in a lot of effort to develop an e-commerce email campaign to boost sales and failed? To know how to match the messaging of your email with the visuals and copy of your landing page, read this informative article written by Kaleigh Moore.

Link Building

Anchor text variations: Your key to link profile diversity

Anchor text variation is a highly effective way to inform Google what a web page is about. It is used for helping readers acquire more details related to a topic and is also one of the major factors for ranking your web pages. To manipulate search results, many people often link from a particular text to rank for the targeted word or phrase. Read this article by Anthony Gaenzie to know how to choose anchor text variations.


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